Handmade 18K Gold-Plated Designer Adjustable Ring – The One My Soul Loves (Songs of Songs 3:1)

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For a piece of jewelry that will express the eternal bond that exists between you and the one you hold deepest to your heart, check out this amazing ring from Hallel Jewelry:

  • 18K gold-plated, this ring is engraved with various Biblical verses that celebrate the love and affection that exist between two partners.
  • Skillfully handcrafted in the Land of Israel.
  • Suitable for both men and women, you and your partner can both wear this one-size-fits-all ring as a symbol of the bond that you two share.

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18K Gold-Plated Brass

Width: 0.76 cm / 0.3"

Suitable for both men and women

Celebrate the deep and abiding love between you and your beloved with this beautiful designer ring from Hallel Jewelry. 18K gold-plated, this handcrafted ring is engraved with the verse (Song of Songs 3:1), "Bikashti Et SheAhava Nafshi" (I have sought that which my soul loves), with the Hebrew letters Shin, Alef and Heh  highlighted as a representation of the mystical attribute of matchmaking. Also inscribed along this ring are the verses (Song of Songs 8:7) "Mayim Rabim Lo Yuchlu Lechabot Et HaAhava VeNeharot Lo Yishtafuha" (Many waters could not extinguish the love and rivers could not wash it away) and "Tihyeh Nafshi Keshura BeNafshech" (May my soul be intertwined with yours). With its chic appearance and meaningful message of love and belonging, you will love wearing this ring every chance you get for many years to come.

Please Note: As an adjustable ring, this ring can be adjusted by its wearer to a size larger or smaller

Please Note: When ordering, please indicate whether the ring is for a man or woman. It will help the artisan make the first adjustments.

A luxury gift box and gift bag are available with this ring at an additional cost

Masterfully handcrafted in her Central Israel studio, Hallel Jewelry's exquisite products draw inspiration from traditional Jewish sources and combine it with contemporary fashion to create truly original pieces of jewelry. Based in Biblical verses and the ancient mystical teachings of the Kabbalah, Hallel Jewelry's original designs are meant to both strengthen faith, add splendor to chic ensembles and to inspire all those who wear them.

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