Priestly Blessing JewelryAround the world, the Priestly Blessing is rarely said, but in Israel it is said everyday. The blessing is recited by Kohanim-priests- during Shacharit- morning prayer. The Kohanim are called up to stand before the entire congregation and they cover their heads and hands under a tallit, so that no one can see them as they raise their hands and recite the blessing. This is a blessing of peace and good tidings onto the Jewish people, from G-d, but said through the Kohanim. The powerful Priestly Blessing is often worn on an amulet, since many believe that having the blessing on you will ward off evil. This is where Priestly Blessing jewelry originates from. The Judaica WebStore is proud to host such a beautiful selection of top quality Priestly Blessing jewelry from leading Israeli artists.

Star of David Priestly Blessing Jewelry

Star of David JewelryJust like the Star of David is the most popular Jewish symbol, the Priestly Blessing is one of the most well known blessings and together, they are a mystical combination of two ancient Jewish elements. There are plenty of stunning rings, necklaces, and bracelets to chooses from made of a stunning variety of materials ranging from simple like this stainless steel bracelet to more decorative designs like this layered pendent and this ornate necklace. Some of the favorite necklaces include this solid sculpted pendent and this mezuzah shaped pendent with each line featuring a different part of the Priestly Blessing.

❤︎ We love this gold and silver ring and this circle pendent with Chrysoberyl stone.

Hamsa Priestly Blessing Jewelry

Hamsa JewelryHamsa Priestly Blessing jewelry portrays two amulets that have been used to ward away evil for hundreds of years. Hamsas originate from the Middle East or North Africa, but today are frequently seen in the fashion scene. Many of these jewelry pieces feature other blessings along with the Priestly Blessing that look stunning like with this multi charmed bracelet. Some designs are more minimalistic than others but are equally gorgeous such as this dog tag and floral necklace which is perfect for little girls as well. Hamsas are a favorite Jewish symbol and will never go out of style.

❤︎ We love this nano-inscribed necklace and this Priestly Blessing and Ana Bekoach bracelet.

 Scripture Priestly Blessing Jewelry

Scripture JewelrySometimes, all you want is a simple piece of Jewish jewelry and thats just fine. This section of Priestly Blessing jewelry has necklaces, bracelets, rings, and charms that put the focus on the blessing and leaves the design minimalistic. This bangle bracelet with charms is the perfect accessory for any outfit and this ring can be worn on a daily basis due to its simple manner. Some of the pieces are a bit more decorative like this spinning ring and this locket pendent. Priestly Blessing jewelry is elegant and classy, perfect for any and every occasion.

❤︎ We love this spinning pendent and this Eilat Stone bead.

Kabbalah Priestly Blessing Jewelry

Kabbalah JewelryWhile Kabbalah jewelry is already known to have some powerful aspects to it, Kabbalah and Priestly Blessing jewelry are next level spiritual. Porat Yosef, the three letter names of G-d, and the ancient Kabbalistic combination of five metals can be found on the necklaces in this section, as well as Hamsas and the Star of David. The Priestly Blessing and the concept of Kabbalah are timeless and create some inspirational pieces of jewelry when put together.

❤︎ We love this locket with Chrysoberyl.