The Priestly Blessing has its origins in the Book of Numbers, when God commands Aaron and his sons to bless the Children of Israel. During the times of the Jerusalem Temple, the kohanim - the descendants of Aaron who served as priests - would recite this Priestly Blessing every day. Till this day, the descendants of the kohanim continue to recite the blessing during synagogue services, every day in Israel and during the High Holidays in the diaspora, extending divine protection over the entire community.

Wearing Priestly Blessing jewelry is said to grant divine protection to the wearer and is a great way to connect with Torah and your Jewish identity. From necklaces to rings, and from bracelets to charms, Priestly Blessing jewelry comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, and budgets.

We've put together this terrific list of our Top 10 Priestly Blessing jewelry pieces for you to browse. Whether for yourself or someone you love, you're sure to find just what you're looking for right here!



1. Gold-Plated Star of David Micro-Inscribed Priestly Blessing Necklace with Onyx Stone

For an elegant and contemporary take on Jewish jewelry, check out this stunning Star of David necklace with the Priestly Blessing. Made from gold-plated sterling silver, this Star of David motif beautifully displays the words of the Priestly Blessing micro-inscribed in 24K gold on a jet black onyx stone, using cutting-edge Israeli technology and the expert craftsmanship of premier jewelers Nano Jewelry. An awe-inspiring symbol of Jewish faith, this brilliant necklace is the perfect way to wear your Judaism with every outfit!





2. Silver & Gold Star of David Necklace with Priestly Blessing

For a disc pendant with a subtle vintage look, this stunning necklace is the one for you! The 925 sterling silver disc is engraved with the words of the Priestly Blessing around the edge, while a captivating 9K gold two-texture Star of David adorns the center. Perfect for all ages and genders, it makes for a gorgeous and meaningful gift for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday, graduation, or any other special occasion.







3. Sterling Silver Necklace with Priestly Blessing on Jerusalem Stone

 Keep the words of the Priestly Blessing close to your heart with this stylish sterling silver necklace by renowned Jerusalem-based jewelers Rafael Jewelry. The words of the blessing are beautifully engraved on a majestic tablet of authentic Jerusalem Stone quarried in the Judean Hills, in a classic Torah script. With a meaningful inscription and a simple yet stylish design, this necklace is the perfect accessory to show off your Jewish pride and heritage!







4. Gold & Silver Priestly Blessing Spinning Unisex Ring 

The Priestly Blessing will always be at your fingertips with this superb spinning ring from the Israeli master craftsmen at Emuna Studio. The elegant and stylish piece is made of 9K gold with a sterling silver spinning band that is engraved with the Hebrew words of the Biblical blessing. It's lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday wear yet beautiful enough for any special occasion, making it a special gift for anyone on your list.






5. Priestly Blessing Gold & Silver Star of David Unisex Ring

If you're on the lookout for a trendy ring that combines the Priestly Blessing with an iconic Jewish symbol, look no further than this gorgeous ring which combines the blessing with a chic, cutout Star of David design in 9K gold. Both fashionable and meaningful, this ring is made by the much-loved studio Ha'ari Jewelry and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to connect with Jewish tradition.






6. Priestly Blessing Jerusalem Stone & Sterling Silver Necklace 

For a piece of Priestly Blessing jewelry unlike any other, this outstanding necklace by Rafael Jewelry is a must-have. The words of the blessing are flawlessly displayed in an ancient Hebrew script on a magnificent semi-cylinder of natural Jerusalem Stone in a stunning pinkish color. A unique blend of blessing, ancient Jerusalem, and modern design, this attractive necklace is an ideal way of displaying your connection to everlasting Jewish tradition.






7. Gold & Silver Priestly Blessing Double Hamsa Necklace

If vintage is more your style then check out this enchanting double Hamsa design by Ha'ari Jewelry. One Hamsa is made of 925 sterling silver and impeccably displays the words of the Priestly Blessing along with a fabulous turquoise gemstone. The second Hamsa, made of 9k gold, features a stylish vintage pattern and the classic Jewish invocation of protection "Ben Porat Yosef". An exceptional way to be guided by Divine protection wherever you go, this sensational necklace is sure to become a cherished part of your collection.






8. Priestly Blessing Leather, Gold & Silver Bracelet (Choice of Colors) 

Wear your Judaism proudly with this beautiful bracelet from Israel! Beautifully crafted by the artisans at Studio Golan, the words of the Priestly Blessing are magnificently etched into a 14K gold plate displayed on a leather band in your choice of color: fashionable pink, rich red, classy black, or elegant brown. A marvelous way to remind yourself of the Divine presence wherever you go, this bracelet also makes a wonderful gift for someone close to your heart.







9. Priestly Blessing Mobius Strip Sterling Silver Unisex Necklace

For a Priestly Blessing necklace with a trendy, contemporary appearance, check out this captivating piece. The words of the Priestly Blessing are fantastically engraved on this 925 sterling silver Mobius strip-shaped pendant and suspended on a stylish silver chain. Both inspiring and fashionable, this phenomenal necklace makes a great gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a special birthday, or any other joyous occasion.






10. Silver & Leather Priestly Blessing Unisex Bracelet

Wear the Priestly Blessing wherever you go with this sleek bracelet from the talented Israeli studio Hallel Jewelry. Beautifully handcrafted from high-quality black leather, the words of the blessing are delightfully displayed on a 925 sterling silver rectangular plate. Perfect for day-to-day wear, this bracelet is a great way to be guided by the Divine Presence no matter where life takes you!





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