If you love Biblical tradition, one of the most special ways of connecting to our heritage is through jewelry and other gifts honoring the Twelve Tribes of Israel. They represent the unity of the Jewish people, as well as the Biblical and historical importance of our forefathers. And if you're fascinated by the heritage of the 12 Tribes, be sure to check out our "Who Were the Twelve Tribes of Israel?" blog post!

Many items that honor the Twelve Tribes feature the colorful, dazzling gemstones of the Hoshen, the Priestly Breastplate described in the Torah and worn by the High Priest in the Tabernacle and the Holy Temple. Each stone is a different color and meant to represent each of the 12 tribes, symbolizing both their uniqueness and their unity. Other gifts feature other symbols traditionally associated with each of the tribes, like wheat for the tribe of Joseph or scales of justice for the tribe of Dan.

Our store has dozens of beautiful 12 Tribes gifts from some of Israel's most talented artists. To help you choose the perfect one for yourself or a loved one, we've compiled our 12 best pieces below!


1. Customizable Silver-Plated Shofar with Hoshen Design

This beautiful decorated and personalized shofar from famous Israeli shofar makers Barsheshet-Ribak will add a stunning touch of faith to any home décor. Made from a ram's horn and available in a choice of sizes, it's plated with high-quality sterling silver and elegantly decorated with a colorful depiction of the Hoshen along with a customized, gold-colored name of your choosing in either English or Hebrew. The shofar is custom-made with care in the Land of Israel, and a display stand is also available at an additional cost for ease in showcasing this beautiful piece.





2. 14K Yellow Gold Hoshen Pendant Necklace

A gorgeous blend of Biblical tradition and modern style, this iconic 14K gold Hoshen necklace is beautifully crafted by some of Israel’s best artisans at luxury jewelry studio Anbinder. Shaped like the Priestly Breastplate, it's set with an array of colorful, genuine gemstones representing the 12 Tribes of Israel, along with the Hebrew word "Hoshen" on top. You or your lucky gift recipient will love connecting to the priestly tradition and honoring the 12 Tribes with this magnificent piece!






3. 14K Yellow Gold Hoshen Ring

For a different way of wearing the famous Priestly Breastplate design, this gorgeous gold ring straight from the Land of Israel is sure to suit any style. It matches the design of the above necklace, with the same gleaming 14K yellow gold and dazzling precious gemstones symbolizing the Biblical 12 Tribes. Wear it as a set with the necklace or as its own eye-catching statement piece, for a beautiful connection to Jewish tradition and the Torah!







4. Silver and Gold Jerusalem and Hoshen Kiddush Cup Set

Honor every shabbat and holiday in style with this stunning silver and gold kiddush cup set. The silver-plated cup and matching saucer are each detailed with gold-accented depictions of Jerusalem buildings, and the cup is additionally adorned with colorful Hoshen symbols and is plated with gold on the inside. What better way to add holiness and ritual into your life, than with a piece of Jerusalem and Biblical tradition sent straight from Israel to your home?

Learn more about kiddush and other Friday night shabbat traditions here!






5. Gold & Black Enamel Hoshen Ring with Gemstones

The most special man in your life will love this incredible Hoshen men's ring from Anbinder Jewelry, made from 14K yellow gold and set with classic black enamel. The top of the ring is adorned with 12 radiant gemstones representing the 12 Tribes and the High Priest's breastplate, while the sides are engraved with elaborate depictions of Jerusalem for a truly special connection to the Land of Israel.







6. Yair Emanuel 12 Tribes Embroidered Wall Hanging

This gorgeous embroidered tapestry comes from famous Jerusalem designer Yair Emanuel and features the 12 tribes of Israel, with colorful artistic representations and Hebrew names for each, set against your choice of a rich blue or elegant white background. Bring home this timeless piece of Biblical tradition, for a vibrant and inspiring wall hanging in any room!









7. Sterling Silver Gilgal Ring with 14K Gold Hoshen

Connect the Biblical tradition of the Hoshen and the 12 Tribes to kabbalah and mystical meaning with this stunning sterling silver deluxe ring! Crafted by Israeli artisan studio R Kabbalah, it boasts a gold panel bordered by gleaming golden beads and set with 12 radiant gemstones for each of the 12 Tribes. Engraved on both sides of the band are floral designs and two three-letter Hebrew anagrams: shin-aleph-hey and mem-hey-shin, a kabbalistic reference to the mystical qualities of God and God's influence in the world. It will make a terrific gift for that special spiritual person in your life!





8. Wooden Hamsa Hoshen Home Blessing with Gemstones

Adorn your home with this colorful wall hanging combining multiple motifs from Jewish tradition: Inside its wooden Hamsa shape, symbolizing Divine protection, is an English-language blessing for the home, along with vibrant floral designs and 12 gemstones representing the 12 Tribes of Israel set in the shape of the Hoshen. A plastic overlay protects the wooden piece from damage, while a metal loop connected by turquoise beads allows for easy hanging wherever you choose. This unique piece from the Land of Israel will make a special adornment for your home or a meaningful gift for a loved one!





9. Silver and Gold 7-Branched Menorah with Hoshen Design

Add a unique piece of Jewish décor to your home with this artistic silver-plated menorah featuring an engraved tree-like finish, gold accents, a Hoshen symbol representing the 12 Tribes of Israel, and an elegant black display stand. Its seven branches evoke the design of the original menorah of the Temple, making it an extra meaningful piece of art (note: this design is not for Hanukkah use). Masterfully crafted in the Land of Israel, it effortlessly blends traditional symbolism and contemporary design for a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching piece.

Read about the history and meaning of the 7-branched menorah here!





10. 14K Yellow & White Gold Hoshen Twelve Tribes Ring

Wear Biblical tradition with splendor and elegance with this beautifully crafted gold Hoshen ring from Israeli luxury studio Anbinder! The exquisite 14K white and yellow gold ring showcases the Hoshen and is magnificently adorned with twelve gemstones to represent the Twelve Tribes. Both stylish and rich in Jewish symbolism, this ring is the perfect way to express your Jewish faith and would make a wonderful gift to mark a milestone or special occasion.







11. Hoshen 14K Gold Diamond and Gemstones Pendant Necklace

If chunky jewelry isn't your thing but you crave wearing the Biblical Twelve Tribes, this delicate gold pendant necklace is for you! With the Hebrew word Hoshen engraved on the top in a classic type, its center is adorned with twelve colorful gemstones - including one genuine diamond - for each of the 12 Tribes. Set in a rectangular 14K yellow gold frame, this refined necklace will make a sensational gift for someone you love!







12. Silver Ring with Jeweled Golden Hoshen

Another beautiful way to wear the Priestly Breastplate and the Tribes of Israel is with this chic designer ring from Judean Hills Jewelry. Made from sterling silver, the ring is topped by a 9K gold Hoshen design that is set with 12 radiant gemstones, while the Hebrew names of each of the 12 Tribes are elegantly engraved along the sides. Suitable for both men and women, it will add a unique pop of color and radiance to any outfit, while reminding the lucky wearer of their Jewish heritage and Biblical roots.






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