Biblical JewelryThe Torah is full of stories, starting with the creation of the world. Biblical jewelry takes different aspects from the stories and turns it into beautiful pieces of jewelry to forever remember our long history. Starting with the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, to the Ark built by Noah, leading to the 12 Tribes and so on and so forth. There is also jewelry that features meaningful phrases that can be found throughout Tanach- the entire Jewish Bible. For someone who has an appreciation for ancient Jewish history, this is jewelry they can connect to and identify with.

Hoshen Jewelry

Hoshen JewelryThe Hoshen- Priestly breastplate- with 12 stones that represent the 12 Tribes, was worn by the High Priest to help determine G-d's will in certain situations during the times of the Tabernacle and Temples. Hoshen jewelry is popular because of its dazzling multicolored stones, often featured on gold like with this ring. Hoshen charms add the perfect amount of bling to your charm bracelet like with this bead and this hanging charm. Not all Hoshen jewelry comes in the traditional rectangular shape but some feature modern designs in circles and other patterns like infinity symbols, Star of Davids, stacking rings, and more that are equally gorgeous.

❤︎ We love this 14K gold Hoshen pendent and this silver ring with golden Hoshen.

Scripture Jewelry

Scripture Jewelry Throughout the entire Jewish Bible come incredible and inspirational phrases and blessings, that have a whole lot of meaning to them. Scripture jewelry beautiful captures each and every one, from classic prayers like Shema Yisrael with gold and onyx and the Priestly Blessing with a mini Torah to Ani Ledodi and the Woman of Valor from the Song of Songs with pearls and rose gold. There is a great selection of the different quotes as well as an amazing variety of jewelry for each one, some of which include Israel's very own Eilat Stone and Roman Glass. Scripture jewelry is meaningful, beautiful, and keeps a piece of our ancient religion and culture close to your heart.

❤︎ We love this Eilat Stone Ani L'dodi mezuzah necklace and this Star of David Priestly Blessing ring.

Lion of Judah Jewelry

Lion of Judah JewelryLion of Judah jewelry is one of the most popular styles in men's jewelry and represents the Tribe of Judah, the tribe where kings of Israel came from. The Lion of Judah also represents the city of Jerusalem, which is why it is so often incorporated with Western Wall motifs. Aside for Jerusalem, this lion represents leadership, strength, and fearlessness, so wearing it in a business meeting as cufflinks or a ring will show everyone that you are in charge. A necklace is also a great option for when you want to show your might on a daily basis, and the Lion of Judah comes on the background of Hamsas and Stars of David, as well as on its own, letting the lion take the show.

❤︎ We love this First Zionist Congress necklace and this 14K gold Lion of Judah pendent.

Tree of Life Jewelry

Tree of Life JewelryOne of the first stories we read about in the Torah is about the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. This tree has since become a symbol of Judaism and looks great on a piece of jewelry. While artists like Adina Plastelina have added bold color to this mystical tree, other artists have added a rainbow of gemstones or a single gemstone like an emerald to add some color. The creativity behind many of these jewelry piece has lead to the Tree of Life being incorporated with the Star of David and the menorah but many also have their focus on the tree, with turquoise stones, hand-painted on ceramic, and with wavy golden branches on a silver background. The Tree of Life is full of mystery and the jewelry inspired by it has a certain flair to it that brings out that aspect of this tree.

❤︎ We love this Tree of Life with translucent jade and this Tree of Life cut-out.

Ten Commandments Jewelry

Ten Commandments Jewelry

The Ten Commandments represents all that the nation of Israel is based off of. Most of the Ten Commandment jewelry has the Hebrew letters "Aleph" through "Yud" equalling 1-10 to represent these basic commandments, but some like this Marina charm and this micro-inscribed pendent have all ten written out. There are beautiful 14K gold pendents, like this one adorned with a Star of David and this very simple pendent with white gold letters, that are an incredible gift for anyone to receive. There is also the Ten Commandments with the Lion of Judah that is combined with three traditional motifs for something spectacular. Ten Commandment jewelry is powerful but humble all at the same time.

❤︎ We love this Tablets of the Law silver pendent and this blue enamel pendent.