925 Sterling Silver Angels' Names Protection Ring

Made in Israel
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925 Sterling Silver

Front Width: 17mm / 0.67"

Suitable for both men and women – available in a range of sizes

Stand protected wherever you go with this wonderful and meaningful ring. Made of 925 sterling silver, the words "And Above me the Presence of G-d" in Hebrew, are encircled by the names of the angels, each one sent by G-d to perform a unique mission and to bring a special quality. The names of the angels displayed and their corresponding characteristics are:

 Michael – the angel of grace and spirit

Gavriel – the angel of courage

Rafael – the angel of healing

Uriel – the angel of light and reason

Hasdiel - the angel of kindness and compassion

Tzadkiel – the angel of justice

Guarded by each of these angels and their divine missions, this beautiful sterling silver ring is deep in meaning and is the perfect protection piece that you will never want to take off.

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