925 Sterling Silver Hoshen (Twelve Tribes) Bracelet

Made in Israel
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Gift yourself or your loved one this stylish and meaningful bracelet set with the twelve gemstones of the Hoshen worn by the High Priest in the Temple.

  • Features twelve vibrant colored stones, each one representing a different tribe and a powerful symbol, such as wisdom and truth, joy and abundance, creativity and self-fulfillment, inner peace, and more... as listed in the description below...
  • Will make a cherished gift for someone special.
  • An original piece from Marina Jewelry - one of Israel's premier Jewish jewelery designers.

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925 Sterling Silver, Hoshen Stones

Size: 39mm x 3mm / 1.54" x 0.12"

Silver chain comes in a range of sizes

Display your faith in elegant style with this beautiful bracelet. The design features the twelve Hoshen stones encapsulated in 925 sterling silver. The Hoshen is the breastplate worn by the High Priest and contains 12 gemstones, each one representing one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The twelve stones featured on the bracelet are:

Ruby – representing the Tribe of Reuven – a symbol of love and marriage.

Topaz – representing the Tribe of Shimon – a symbol of joy and abundance.

Emerald – representing the Tribe of Levi – a symbol of generosity, modesty and kindness.

Garnet – representing the Tribe of Yehuda – a symbol of motivation, courage and energy.

Sapphire – representing the Tribe of Yissachar – a symbol of wisdom and truth.

Diamond – representing the Tribe of Zevulun – a symbol of strength and self-confidence.

Citrine – representing the Tribe of Dan – a symbol of creativity and self-fulfilment

Agate – representing the Tribe of Naftali – a symbol of power and energy.

Amethyst – representing the Tribe of Gad – a symbol of inner-peace.

Chrysolite – representing the Tribe of Asher – a symbol of calm and understanding.

Onyx – representing the Tribe of Yosef – a symbol of self-control.

Jasper – representing the Tribe of Binyamin – a symbol of persistence and perseverance.


Both rich in meaning and stylish, this bracelet would make a great gift for someone you cherish.

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