Sterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar - Lion Design (Choice of Sizes)

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Add an incredible touch of traditional Jewish symbolism to your home décor with this remarkable decorative shofar from Barsheshet-Ribak:

  • Made from a long kudu horn, this shofar boasts three silver bands, each of which is decorated with a different golden symbol: A cluster of grapes, a Menorah and two lions.
  • An original design by one of Israel's top shofar producers.
  • Available with an acrylic stand at an additional cost, you will love displaying this shofar in your home for many years to come.

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  1. Sterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar - Lion Design (Choice of Sizes)
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  1. This product (Sterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar - Lion Design (Choice of Sizes))
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Polished Kudu Horn, 925 Sterling Silver Plated, Gold Plated

Size: Available in 7 lengths. Shofars are measured lengthways, around their curves.

23" - 27" / 58 - 69 cm

27" - 32" / 69 - 81 cm

32" - 35" / 81 - 89 cm

35" - 38" / 89 - 97 cm

38" - 41" / 97 - 104 cm

41" - 44" / 104 - 112 cm

44" - 46" / 104 - 117 cm

Replete with ancient Jewish symbolism, this majestic shofar will bring impressive beauty to your New Year celebrations! The horn features a range of rich natural hues and boasts a highly polished shine. It has been decorated with three thick silver bands, each of which is decorated with opulent gold. The lowest one shows a leafy bunch of grapes growing on a vine; the second portrays a Menorah engraved into gold. The top decoration features two golden lions with full manes and open mouths facing each other, with a crown suspended between them. Below this lies the word "Jerusalem".

In Judaism, grapes represent fruitfulness and wealth. The Menorah, stolen from the Temple's remains by the Ancient Romans, represents the Jews' eternal connection to God. Lions and crowns are symbolic of Jerusalem, King David and the Tribe of Judah: incidentally, David was descended from Judah and established Jerusalem as his capital city.

For centuries, Yemenite Jews have used rare Kudu horns as shofars. Bigger and more melodic than European ram shofars, the impressive spiral horns are a natural center to Rosh Hashanah's festive celebrations. They also make fabulous home decor pieces year-round, and unique gifts to mark special occasions.

The shofar makes several appearances throughout the Bible. God describes Rosh Hashanah as Yom Teruah - a day of blowing. Shofarot were used by the priests to bring down the wall of Jericho in the book of Joshua, and to herald the anointment of a new king.

Each shofar is custom made according to your order. Please allow up to 15 business days from the date of purchase before the item is shipped.

All of our shofars are produced to a high standard and meet all the requirements of Jewish Law. As shofars are a natural product, each one is completely unique, so the exact size and color of the shofar that you receive may vary slightly from the one shown in the picture above. If your desired shofar is out of stock, we will send a larger shofar at exactly the same price!

A clear acrylic shofar stand is available with this shofar for an additional charge. Please note that stand may appear different from that pictured.

A 50 ml bottle of shofar odor neutralizer is available with this shofar for an additional charge.

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