As we're approaching the month of Elul on the Hebrew calendar, which starts at sundown on Wednesday, August 16, followed by Rosh Hashanah which begins on the evening of Friday, September 15, this is the perfect time to shop for a shofar! During Elul, the shofar is blown each morning during prayer services (except on Shabbat) as a wake up call for our minds and souls, and is blown again during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

 The blast of the shofar is meant to capture our attention and remind us to focus on introspection, repentance, reflection, and growth as we approach the High Holidays. You can learn more about the shofar's origins, history, and traditions here!

 Many families have their own shofars, and they make great Rosh Hashanah gifts, whether for a loved one with a special affinity for Jewish tradition and Judaica, or as a donation to your synagogue, Jewish school, or community.

 Confused about the different types of shofars, or unsure which type will suit your needs best? Make sure to check out our extensive guide to buying a shofar here.

 With more than 150 shofars on our site, finding the perfect one can be a challenge - so we've handpicked our top 10 favorites right below! Each one is authentic, high-quality, and made right in the Land of Israel by talented local craftsmen and artisans with a long tradition of creating shofars.

We are certain these shofars will blow you away and make Elul and Rosh Hashanah 2023 even more meaningful and spiritual!



1. Classic Kosher Ram's Horn Shofar (14" - 16")

This classic ram's horn shofar is a great option for those who love tradition and already know how to blow a shofar. As we explained in our shofar shopping guide, the shorter a shofar is, the smaller the mouthpiece will be, meaning that it takes some practice and skill to achieve an optimal thunderous blast. Like all of the ram's horns on this list, this shofar is from Barsheshet-Ribak, a family business that dates back to 14th century Spain. Now based in Israel, Barsheshet-Ribak ensures that its shofars are natural and authentic. This beautiful shofar is also certified kosher via the Tel Aviv Rabbinate.





2. Silver-Plated Ram's Horn Shofar with Jerusalem View

During Temple times, shofars were often beautifully decorated with silver or gold, and were part of the Temple's orchestra in addition to announcing the new moon, the beginning of Shabbat, and other important news. Crafted from a ram's horn and plated with sterling silver, this Jerusalem shofar features an intricately engraved depiction of the Old City along with the word "Jerusalem" stylized to resemble the Western Wall. Available in five different sizes, this shofar makes for a stunning Rosh Hashanah gift and can also be displayed year-round as a nod to your heritage and the Holy City!





3. Polished Kosher Yemenite Kudu Shofar (34" - 36")

While ram and sheep were historically accessible to Jews in the Land of Israel and throughout much of the diaspora, Jewish communities in Yemen crafted their shofars out of the horns of kudus, a species of antelope common in eastern Africa. Unlike ram's horns, kudu shofars are usually longer and feature a visually stunning, corkscrew-like spiral. When Yemenite Jews immigrated to Israel, they introduced the rest of the Jewish world to these gorgeous shofars - and now you can get one as well! This gorgeous shofar is polished, certified kosher, and features natural, neutral colors.





4. Textured Kosher Ram's Horn Shofar (20" - 22")

This traditional ram's horn shofar gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "natural beauty." The horn maintains its original stunning natural texture, which is complemented with a natural finish to keep the shofar looking sleek and durable, while the mouthpiece has a polished finish to ensure comfort for whoever is lucky enough to blow this shofar during the Jewish High Holidays. You can also take pride in knowing that this shofar is truly one-of-a-kind; like all of our shofars, each ram's horn is completely authentic and organically sourced.





5. Hand Painted Jerusalem and Pomegranates Shofar

If you prefer that your Judaica is bright, vibrant, and full of motifs and meaning, this colorful ram's horn is the shofar for you! Hand-painted by artists in Israel, this shofar features beautiful renditions of pomegranates, as well as an artistic depiction of Jerusalem's Old City. Created in Israel from an authentic ram's horn, this decorative shofar will brighten your holidays and wow your loved ones! During checkout, you can also choose to add a sturdy stand so you can display this stunning work of art beyond Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.





6. Half-Polished Kosher Yemenite Kudu Shofar (28" - 30")

If you're looking for a shofar that will produce a deep, striking sound, this lengthy kudu horn is an essential. Measuring nearly 2.5 feet, this authentic kudu shofar is fit for a king! Despite its majestic length and sounds, only half of the shofar is polished in order to maintain its natural beauty. Whether you use this shofar at home, at synagogue, or elsewhere, you'll feel like you're standing on a mountaintop in Jerusalem, summoning the attention of those near and far.






7. Lions of Jerusalem Silver-Plated Ram's Horn Shofar

Lions symbolize strength and power in Judaism, and are traditionally associated with the Tribe of Judah and with the city of Jerusalem. If you're striving to make your shofar roar, this decorated and meaningful horn is the perfect inspiration. Sourced from a ram, the shofar is partially silver-plated and is adorned with two golden lions facing each other as they roar. A crown and the word "Jerusalem" sit between them. This shofar is available in five different sizes, and is one of the most unforgettable Rosh Hashanah gifts you can get straight from Israel!





8. Classic Kosher Ram's Horn Shofar (12" - 14")

If you're looking for a smaller, easy-to-carry, and budget-friendly shofar, this compact ram's horn is your way to go. Featuring a polished mouthpiece, a wide body, and kosher certification by the Israeli Rabbinate, this shofar is one of our most affordable and popular options. It's crafted according to traditional techniques while retaining a beautiful natural color you'll love. And if you'll be traveling around to blow it for family, neighbors, or at your synagogue, make sure to add the optional velvet travel case for protection.





9. Natural Kosher Yemenite Kudu Horn (22" - 24")

Shofars are an excellent gift for any Jewish home because they often serve a double purpose; in addition to serving as a ritual item throughout Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, a stylish shofar can also be displayed on a shelf in your home or office throughout the year. This 22-24 inch kudu horn shofar boasts a natural and sleek finish, making it the perfect shofar to sho-off year-round. A powerful symbol of Jewish identity and continuity, a shofar can also be a great conversation starter with friends and make Rosh Hashanah 2023 that much more special and meaningful!





10. Customizable English/Hebrew Yemenite Shofar

All shofars are one-of-a-kind, but this gorgeous kudu horn is extra unique because it can also be personalized with an engraving of your or a loved one's name! It's also adorned with gorgeous sterling silver plating and a golden ornamental Lion of Judah. When ordering, you can select whether you want a Hebrew or English inscription. And if you don't know how to spell your name in Hebrew, don't fret - just choose Hebrew as the language and then write the name in English, and we will happily translate it for you.





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