Rosh Hashanah 2023 is right around the corner, which means it's time to start shopping for gifts for those closest to you. We shared our top 10 Rosh Hashanah gifts for moms here, and now it's time to shop for Dad! Like everything on our site, each of these gifts are designed and made in Israel and sent straight to you from Jerusalem. Whether your dad's office décor needs an upgrade or it's time for a new tallit, you're sure to find something for your father on this list.

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1. Customizable Silver-Plated Shofar With Hoshen Design

A family business dating back to 14th century Spain, Barsheshet-Ribak has a long and proud history of making the exquisite shofars you can find. Now situated in Israel, Barsheshet-Ribak is famous for their unique shofars, and this one is no exception. This silver-plated ram's horn shofar boasts a vibrant Hoshen design and can be customized with your dad's name in either English or Hebrew. Considering the amazing story and meaning behind this shofar, your dad is sure to love it.





2. Traditional Tallit featuring Vibrant Jerusalem Motif

If your dad is a shul-every-week type of guy and is in need of a tallit upgrade, this authentic wool tallit featuring a Jerusalem motif is the way to go. Decorated with colorful stripes and a unique depiction of Jerusalem, this prayer shawl is certified Kosher Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin and available in a variety of sizes. Unsure what size tallit would fit your father? No worries - just consult our tallit sizing guide before buying.






3. Illustrated Western Wall Jerusalem Square Wooden Clock

Designed by Ofek Wertman in Tel Aviv, this wooden clock depicts a unique and colorful illustration of people praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, with an Israeli flag standing in the foreground. This gift is the perfect way to give your dad a piece of the Holy city that he can keep in his office, in the living room, or anywhere he likes. A fusion of contemporary art and timeless tradition, your dad is sure to love it!






4. Brown Leather Hebrew Letters Watch

Designed and manufactured on Kibbutz Yavne in Israel, Adi Watches are so famous for their durability and craftsmanship that several Israeli Army and Navy units use their products. Featuring a stainless steel back, a textured brown leather band, and gold-plated details, this Hebrew letter wrist watch has the aleph-bet instead of the numbers 1-12. This watch also boasts a timeless versatility, as it can be worn with casual or formal wear for any occasion.






5. Laser-Cut Paper Tree of Life Wall-Hanging 

Jerusalem native David Fisher is known in Israel for reviving laser-cut paper art in the Holy Land. He often draws inspiration from Biblical motifs, as he did with this Tree of Life laser-cut wall hangingBelow the Tree of Life is an excerpt from Proverbs in Hebrew, which reads "It is a tree of life for those who hold it, and all who support it are happy. Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace." Available in blue, red, or green and suitable for the office or home, this wall hanging will be treasured for years to come.





6. Sterling Silver Star of David Pendant Necklace with Shema Yisrael

Made from 925 sterling silver, this Star of David necklace features a polished black onyx stone that is micro-inscribed in 24K gold with the words of the classic Jewish prayer, Shema Yisrael. Available in a silver finish or gold-plated silver, this necklace is the perfect fusion of Jewish spirituality and contemporary style, and your father is sure to love it for years to come.






7. "If I Forget Jerusalem" Laser-Cut Wall Hanging

One of the most famous lines from Psalms (137) says, "if I forget thee, O' Jerusalem, let my right hand forget itself." Designed by Dorit Judaica, this stainless steel cut-out wall hanging features the verse in a traditional Hebrew script. If your father has a special place in his heart for the Holy City, this elegant piece of home décor is the perfect Rosh Hashanah gift for him.






8. "Peace Upon Israel" Hamsa Sculpture

Designed by renowned Israeli artist David Gerstein, this vibrant free-standing sculpture is shaped like a Hamsa hand and is decorated with an array of symbolic images representing Judaism and Israel, including a Star of David, shabbat candles, pomegranate, and menorah. The bottom of the Hamsa features the Hebrew phrase "Shalom Al Yisrael," or "Peace upon Israel." This colorful work of art is perfect for your dad's desk or bookshelf, and he will surely think of you every time he looks at it!





9. Customizable Gold and Silver Ring (English or Hebrew)

Boasting a wide, sterling silver band framed by two thinner 14K yellow gold bands, this stunning ring can be inscribed with an inspirational message of your choosing in either Hebrew or English, or with your dad's name or your own custom message. When ordering, you will see a drop-down menu of 13 meaningful Hebrew quotes, ranging from "Trust in the Lord" to "This Too Shall Pass," and an option to craft your own message instead. This one-of-a-kind ring is a wonderful gift for the man who is one-of-a-kind to you!





10. Ceramic Kiddush Cup with "Jerusalem" Inscription

Much like Israel, this vibrant Kiddush cup is where the ancient meets the modern. Handcrafted from ceramic, decorated with a captivating swirl of colors, and plated with elegant sterling silver, this unique cup features the word "Jerusalem" in an ancient Hebrew script. This mesmerizing Kiddush cup, designed by Jerusalem Glass Studio, is a thoughtful and unique addition to your dad's Judaica collection - perfect for Rosh Hashanah and for every holiday and shabbat the rest of the year!