Barsheshet-Ribak English/Hebrew Customizable Silver-Plated Yemenite Shofar With Lion

Made in Israel
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Wonderfully enrich your personal Judaica collection with this amazing decorative Yemenite shofar from Barsheshet-Ribak:

  • This shofar is adorned with two silver plates, one of which is adorned with a Lion of Judah design and one that can be customized with a Hebrew or English name of your choosing.
  • Produced by one of the top shofar manufacturers in the Land of Israel.
  • For an additional price, this shofar is available with a stylish shofar bag, an acrylic display stand and natural shofar deodorizer.

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Polished Kudu Horn, 925 Sterling Silver Plated, Gold Plated

Personalization available in either English or Hebrew

Size: Available in 7 lengths. Shofars are measured lengthways, around their curves.

23" - 27" / 58 - 69 cm

27" - 32" / 69 - 81 cm

32" - 35" / 81 - 89 cm

35" - 38" / 89 - 97 cm

38" - 41" / 97 - 104 cm

41" - 44" / 104 - 112 cm

44" - 46" / 104 - 117 cm

A bold blend of traditional ritual and skilled craftsmanship, this decorative Yemenite shofar is one item that you will certainly treasure for many years to come. Made from the horn of a kudu, this exquisite shofar is plated with high-quality sterling silver at three points along its body: By the mouthpiece, in the middle and by the opening. The plating in the middle is adorned with stunning gold-colored representation of a lion, the symbol for the Tribe of Judah as well as part of the emblem of the Holy City of Jerusalem, while the plating near the opening can be stylishly inscribed with any name of your choosing in either English or Hebrew. From the Land of Israel, this ornamental shofar will make a unique addition to your personal Judaica collection as well as a terrific addition to your home décor.

Please Note: Shofars may come in shades of color somewhat lighter or darker than what is pictured.

Purchase together with this item (for an additional charge):

- A 50 ml bottle of shofar odor neutralizer.
- A stylish shofar bag.
- A matching deluxe shofar stand.

As this is a personalized item, please allow up to 21 business days before the item is shipped.

A family business dating back to 14th century Spain, Barsheshet-Ribak is a business that has a long and proud history of making the most exquisite and carefully-made shofars you can find. Situated in Israel, this incredible company manufactures the best kosher shofarot, under the supervision of the Department for Religious Articles and Shaatnez, each one created according to Halacha with devotion and personal care unlike any other! 

  1. Barsheshet-Ribak English/Hebrew Customizable Silver-Plated Yemenite Shofar With Lion
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