Best of Chabad Melodies. Hanan Bar-Sela. 3 CD Set (2012)

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Number of CD(s) in package: 3

This wonderful collection includes 33 of the best known and most loved Chabad melodies from throughout the generations. Chabad Hassidism has been known for centuries for its beautiful music, often heavy, dramatic, and emotional. Legendary Israeli clarinetist Hanan Bar Sela has, together with his band, put together a truly fantastic set with unforgettable performances of this most beautiful of music.  

CD 1:

1. Hop Kuzyak


2. Nigun LeShabat Ve Yom Tov


3. Nigun Hitvadut


4. Chabad Melodies Medley


5. Nigun from Rostov


6. Mihul

7. Nigun LeShabat Ve Yom Tov

8. Nigun LeShabat Ve Yom Tov

9. Nigun Ben Arba Babot

10 . Niguney Simcha Medley

11. Nigun Simcha Beit HaShoava

CD 2:

1. Nigun Rikud

2. Nigun LeShabat Ve Yom Tov

3. Nigunei Simcha Medley

4. Nigun HaMiuchas LeBaal Shem Tov

5. Nigun Sameach

6. Nigun LeShabat VeYom Tov

7. Nigun Sameach

8. Kol Dodi Dofek

9. Hu Elokeinu

10. Nigunei Chabad Medley

11. Nigun Simchat Beit Hashoava

CD 3:

1. El Daaga Habariah

2. Nigunei Simcha Medley

3. Nigun Hitvaadut

4. Nigun Simcha

5. Yamin Hashem

6. Nigun

7. Niguney Chabad Medley

8. Nigun Simcha

9. Da'ar Filful

10. Shirei Chabad Medley

11. Nigun Simcha

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