Big Sweet Surprise Purim Mishloach Manot Basket

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No matter how far apart you may be, celebrate Purim with friends and family when you send them this delicious Mishloach Manot package from Elite:

  • Full of tasty treats from the Land of Israel.
  • Each Mishloach Manot package comes with such delicious goodies as chocolate bars, sugary candies and salty snacks.
  • If you plan on sending to over 50 people, contact us for special bulk prices!

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All the products in this gift basket are certified as strictly kosher (Badatz Eidah Hacharedit).

Enrich your Purim celebrations when you send this deluxe Mishloach Manot package from Elite to friends and family. Bursting with delicious flavors, this gift basket features an array of tasty tasty treats from the Land of Israel, including:

Taami Chocolate Bar

Egozi Chocolate Bar

"Parra" Milk Chocolate Bar With Candies

Tortit Wafers

Vanilla Smile Cookies

Toffi Partzufi Candies (42 g)

Green Mix of Chocolates (190 g)

Mini Pesek Zeman Chocolate Bar

Mini Tortit Chocolate Bar

Doritos – Original Flavor

Dolphin Cheetos

"Kafa" Cheetos

Purim Noisemaker (Grogger)

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