Classic Hanukkah Menorah With Star of David Design

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Enrich your family's Hanukkah celebrations with this remarkable Hanukkah Menorah from the Land of Israel:

  • Possessing a traditional design, this Menorah features eight candleholders resting on a base as the Shamash candleholder is set atop a Star of David.
  • To best suit your home decor, this Hanukkah Menorah is available in three colors.
  • A fantastic way to promote the miraculous victory of the Maccabees and the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, this Hanukkah Menorah is a must-have for any Jewish home!!!

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Nickel / Copper / Gold Plated Metal

Width: 18.5 cm / 7.28"

Height: 12 cm / 4.72"

Diameter of Candleholder: 1 cm / 0.39"

Suitable for standard Hanukkah candles

Brighten the dark winter nights with this beautiful Hanukkah Menorah from the Land of Israel. Available in either nickel plating or copper plating, this polished Menorah boasts a classic design of eight candleholders arrayed on a platform and the Shamah candleholder resting on a traditional Star of David design. With its refined appearance and meaningful design, this Hanukkah Menorah is sure to become a treasured part of your family's festive Hanukkah celebrations that will be passed down for generations to come!!!

A free Hanukkah blessings pamphlet is included! Printed in both Hebrew and English for easy reading. Measuring 24 X 16.5 cm (9.4" X 6.5"), this beautiful laminated booklet will help everyone sing along! Includes the traditional blessings said after lighting Hanukkah candles, plus the famous song, Maoz Tzur!

The Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio brings you beautiful, unique Judaica and Jewish art straight from the Land of Israel. Lion of Judah Studio combines traditional and modern design elements in their pieces, in addition to incorporating uniquely Israeli and Jerusalem-based art styles and motifs.

  1. Classic Hanukkah Menorah With Star of David Design
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