Dorit Judaica Standing Pomegranate Tree with Ta'anit Quote

Designed in Israel
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Make your space stand tall with this standing-pomegranate-tree decor from the Land of Israel:

  • Adorned with colored-metal pomegranates, vines, and a cute quote from Ta’anit in either Hebrew or English.
  • Made uniquely with care and joy by the famous Dorit Judaica of Petach Tikva. 
  • Guaranteed to brighten up any room or table for years to come!

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Colored Metal

Size: 28 x 24 x 10 cm / 11" x 9.4" x 4"

You will never cease to enjoy this one-of-a-kind metal standing pomegranate tree! Exquisitely made, this masterpiece features a stunning depiction of a tree, with a brown trunk and roots; on its branches are green leaves along with beautiful red pomegranates scattered throughout. In the center of the tree is a circle with a quote from Ta'anit in either graceful Hebrew calligraphy or English, saying: Ilan, Ilan, Bema Evarechecha? Im Omar Lecha Shyehu Perotecha Metukin, Harei Perotecha metukin! - Sheyehe Tzilcha Na'e, Harei Tzilcha Na'e! - Shetehe Emet Hamaim Overet Tachtecha, Harei Emet Hamaim Overet Tachtecha! Ela Yehi Ratzon, Shekol Netiot Shenot'in Mimcha I'hiyu K'motecha. - Ilan Ilan, what shall I bless you with? If I tell you that your fruits are sweet, your fruit is sweet! "Let him make you handsome," he said. "Let the aqueduct pass under you, for the truth of the water passes under you!" But that it be your will, that any plantings that are loaded from you will be like you. This intricate and well-made work of art is the perfect addition to any space, and will make a fantastic gift to someone close to you!

Dorit is a seventh generation Israeli living in Petach Tikva who creates outstanding Jewish art and home décor. She combines computerized graphics and traditional paper cut designs with Jewish texts and symbols and a range of materials to create distinctive Judaica and décor with an Israeli flavor.

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