Mazal Tov! A Jewish wedding is a special occasion that is full of celebration and joy. There is nothing quite like watching the romantic act of two people dedicating their lives to one another and starting a new life as one. As the new couple takes a step into the next chapter of their lives, they are creating a new Jewish home, making Jewish wedding gifts incredibly important.  Judaism has so many unique traditions all year-round so by gifting newlyweds with with different Jewish items, it will help them partake in the numerous holidays and Shabbat which happens once a week.  Choose an extraordinary Jewish wedding gift to help the young couple set up their new life together in style!

Judaica for Shabbat

Shabbat is a very special day, especially for newlyweds. It’s a whole day for new couples to spend time with one another, and a fantastic opportunity to invite the people they love into their new home. Shabbat requires many different items as we light the Shabbat candles on Friday night, say Kiddush before we eat any meal and say the prayer over bread to just name a few of the Shabbat traditions. Saturday night, after three stars are in the sky, we say the prayer of Havdallah to mark the end of the holy day and the beginning of a new week. Shabbat might just be only one day of the week, but getting them a remarkable Shabbat gift is something they will cherish forever.


On Friday night as the sun is beginning to set, the house is beginning to smell of delicious Shabbat food and final preparations are done before Shabbat begins.  Women around the world at this time gather around their candlesticks to welcome in the Shabbat just as men begin making their way over to synagogue for Friday night services. Most women begin to light their own Shabbat candles when they get married, as it is something that is said to bring peace upon the household.  No Jewish home is complete without a stunning set of candlesticks since they are used on Friday nights for Shabbat and to start off almost all Jewish holidays.

A mitzvah specifically for women, passed on throughout the generations

Kiddush Cups

On Friday night before we eat Shabbat dinner, everyone gathers around to sing "Shalom Alechem", which is then followed by the man of house saying Kiddush over a cup of wine, to thank G-d for this day of rest. This, however, is no ordinary cup. A Kiddush cup is much fancier, traditionally made from silver but with more modern options today, Kiddish cups come in all colors, shapes and sizes.  Choose from traditional, modern, and designer cups that he will use every time he says Kiddush, after all, no meal can start without it!

Elegance, class, and shine- everything for the perfect Kiddush Cup

Washing Cups

After Kiddush, there is a ritual to purify ourselves before saying the prayer over bread and digging in to our fabulous meal. We wash our hands by pouring water three times over each hand, making a washing cup an important item. Choose something gorgeous for the newlywed couple, that will join them ever single Shabbat and holiday. Some choose to also perform this ritual when they first wake up in the morning or before they eat bread at any time. The Judaica Web Store offers a wide range of washing cups perform the ritual of "netilat yadayim" made in the most incredible ways and amazing designs.

Tasteful with a touch of creativity

Challah Board and Cover

The centerpiece of any Shabbat or holiday table is the challah! A challah board and challah cover are essential to any Shabbat meal, and give remembrance to when the Jews were wandering in the desert and would eat manna. In the desert the manna was protected by two layers of dew, one below the manna and one on top, keeping it fresh until it was eaten. Today, we remember this miracle by protecting the challah with a layer below, a challah board, and a layer above, a challah cover.  Give the newlywed couple the opportunity to display their challah on something beautiful, after all, when doing things for Shabbat, we should do them with something special.

Endless options for a challah board perfect for them


Once there are three stars in the sky on Saturday night, it is time to say goodbye to Shabbat by saying the prayer of Havdallah. The ritual of Havdallah has many different aspects to it to symbolize a good new week such as smelling sweet spices, holding our fingers up to a flame, and drinking wine. It is not always easy to end the day of rest, but we know it will come again next week. Get the newlyweds a Havdallah set that will end their Shabbat and start the new week in the most beautiful of ways.

The end of Shabbat is sad, but our spirits can be uplifted with something colorful

Holiday Judaica

The Jewish calendar is packed with holidays and every Jewish holiday has its own special Judaica. Hanukkah and Pesach are two of the longest holidays that require almost centerpiece-like Judaica.  The couple will look forward to using your special gift every year, making the holiday all the more meaningful.


What is Hanukkah without a menorah? Every night, for 8 days, families gather around to light their Hanukkah menorah together.  Newlyweds will appreciate a beautiful menorah that will make the holiday a little bit brighter as they light it together.  Our diverse collection has something for everyone, from traditional to modern, even themed, you'll find something that they will truly love. A fun addition to the gift is a colorful dreidel, which is traditional to play with on Hanukkah.

8 wonderful nights together playing dreidel and eating latkes


To kickoff the holiday of Passover, families get together the first two nights to have the Passover Seder. The most important item at the Seder is the Seder plate, as the entire meal revolves around this unique plate.  The new couple might begin hosting their own Seder with family and friends, or even keep it just the two of them so a gorgeous Seder plate is crucial!

Armenian ceramic is a classic Israeli item that is found in many Jewish homes

Jewish Home

While a Jewish home has plenty of Judaica, there are also plenty of other items needed to make the home feel a little more homey.  Artwork, home wear, mezuzahs and other little things will bring character into their home, as well as a little taste of Israel as everything in our shop is made in the Holy Land.  The new couple is sure to love something different to brighten up their home!

Homeware and Artwork

Decorating a new home is never an easy task, but giving newlyweds a unique piece will make the process that much easier.  Artwork and homeware from Israel is a popular, practical gift and is sure to attract everyone's attention. We have a variety of wall hangings that have Biblical quotes about love or with the prayer of the home. Don't forget the little things! Even salt and pepper shakers will be appreciated and used at every meal.

Blessing of the Home makes a unique and special present


The marking of any Jewish home is a mezuzah on their front door, and often sound on every door in the home.  Mezuzahs bring spirituality into the home and are said to protect the household. Jewish newlyweds need the perfect mezuzah for their new home and here is the chance to give them just that. Even if its just a starter house, they will bring it with them where ever they go.

A stunning mezuzah will be the first thing guests see when they enter the house

Happy shopping and enjoy wedding season! If you need more ideas, check out all the different types Jewish wedding gifts we offer!