It's Jewish wedding season! Whether you've been a guest at a Jewish wedding previously or you will attend your first soon, knowing what to purchase as a wedding gift can be daunting. Luckily, Israeli artists and designers make a wide array of beautiful Jewish gifts that are perfect for weddings, from Judaica to Jewish art - and we've put together our top 10 favorites for you below!

Nothing helps build a Jewish home like a beautiful gift of Judaica or Jewish art from the Land of Israel, so surprise a newlywed couple close to your heart with the best of the best, with these top picks from local Israeli artisans.


1. Personalized Priestly Blessing & "Welcome" Laser-Cut Art

Give the lucky couple a wonderful work of art to adorn their home, which can be personalized with their initials in either English or Hebrew and will bless them with a beautiful Biblical blessing! This stunningly intricate papercut wall art comes from Israeli graphic designer David Fisher and combines the traditional Jewish art form of paper cutting with modern laser cut technology. The detailed floral motif surrounds the Hebrew words of the Priestly Blessing, along with an outline of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Hebrew phrase Bruchim Haba'im ("Welcome"). Choose from blue or green backgrounds, and add an elegant gold or silver frame for a truly unforgettable gift!





2. Marc Chagall Ten Commandments Mezuzah Case

For a deluxe Jewish gift from the Land of Israel that will adorn your recipients' home with special meaning, you can't go wrong with this incredible 24k gold-plated artistic mezuzah case! It features a lithograph print adaptation of a painting by the famous 20th-century artist Marc Chagall, titled "I am the Lord thy God" and featuring the Children of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments. It's also a piece of Israeli history: 5748 copies were produced in the Hebrew year 5748 (1988) in honor of the 40th anniversary of Israel's independence. Each mezuzah case comes with an official certificate of authenticity, and a kosher mezuzah parchment scroll is also available at an additional cost.





3. Jordana Klein Large Glass Challah Tray

If you're looking for a piece of Judaica that will double as a work of art when not in use, this colorful glass challah tray is the perfect gift for any couple building their Jewish home! Designed by renowned Jerusalem-based contemporary artist Jordana Klein, the tray is adorned with Shabbat candles and a challah among a gorgeous scene of vibrant, flowing colors. With its artistic blend of color, contemporary design, and traditional Jewish motifs, this challah board will make every Shabbat special for the lucky gift recipients.






4. Klezmer Figurines Hand-Crafted Sterling Silver Menorah

Masterfully hand-crafted from sterling silver by Jerusalem-area artisan Shoham Simchi, this stunning filigree design Hanukkah menorah combines traditional Yemenite craftsmanship with an Eastern European Hasidic design in a musical klezmer motif. This gorgeous piece is available in multiple sizes and makes for a luxurious Judaica gift that's sure to become a treasured family keepsake for many years to come!






5. "My Soul Loves" Wall Hanging (English or Hebrew)

This love-themed papercut art from Jerusalemite graphic designer David Fisher features two deer in the middle of a beautiful pomegranate tree design. At the bottom, in your choice of either Hebrew or English, are the beautiful Biblical words Matsati Et Sheahava Nafshi - "I have found the one whom my soul loves"- from the Song of Songs. This intricate work of art will make a romantic gift for any Jewish home, and is available in blue, green, or bordeaux colors, with the option to add a gold or silver frame.






6. Traditional Yemenite Silver Kiddush Cup with Filigree Design

For a luxurious piece of Judaica that's sure to become a family heirloom, look no further than this exquisite sterling silver Kiddush cup! Handcrafted by the unmatched silversmith artisans at Shoham Yemenite Art studio, this stemmed Kiddush cup is adorned with a refined filigree design along its rounded base as well as the top and bottom of the goblet. The interior is meanwhile gold-plated in order to maintain the integrity of the cup and the taste of the wine. The elegant, classic silhouette is sure to become a beloved Shabbat staple, and a matching saucer is also available at an additional cost to prevent spillage.






7. Israel Museum Viennese Passover Seder Plate Replica

Holiday Judaica is an excellent wedding gift choice, as a special item that'll be used for many years to come. And for a functional and beautiful Judaica item that's also a piece of Jewish history, you can't go wrong with this stunning blue and white porcelain Seder plate from the Israel Museum. It's inspired by a historical Seder plate design from early 20th century Vienna, and features a lovely nature motif adorning its six heart-shaped settings and Star of David in the center. Optional matching dishes are available, and the plate comes with a certificate of authenticity and a description of its historical background.






8. Colorful Jerusalem Western Wall Painting by Zina Roitman

This vibrant painting by talented Israeli artist Zina Roitman depicts the famous Western Wall plaza in the Holy City after a rainfall, surrounded by Jerusalem's wide skies, gorgeous foliage, and mountain slopes. This work of art is a limited edition serigraph and is signed and numbered by Roitman herself, and a gleaming gold frame can also be added for an extra cost. An exceptional gift for a new Jewish home, this painting is sure to be treasured for years to come!






9. Grand 925 Sterling Silver Shabbat Candlesticks

Sterling silver Shabbat candlesticks are a timeless and traditional Jewish wedding gift, and this deluxe set of silver candlesticks from Israeli family-run studio Silver Way will add a sense of elegance and grandeur to any Jewish home. Skillfully handcrafted in the Land of Israel, each luxurious candlestick boasts a polished finish along its slender body, square base, and tapered candleholder. Surprise a lucky couple with an unforgettable wedding gift that will be appreciated at every Shabbat and holiday candle lighting for many years to come!






10. Jordana Klein Multicolored Glass Cube with Home Blessing

Coming from Jerusalemite artist Jordana Klein, famous for combining traditional Jewish themes with bold colors and modern designs, is this home blessing ornamental glass cube. Colorful and vibrant and available in a choice of sizes, it features traditional English and Hebrew home blessings surrounding the words "Blessing for the Home." It can be displayed as both a work of art and a meaningful religious item anywhere in the home, making it a wonderful and versatile Jewish wedding gift!






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