It's nearly summer, which means wedding season is right around the corner. Whether you've been a guest at a Jewish wedding previously or you will attend your first soon, knowing what to purchase as a wedding gift can be daunting.

Traditional wedding gifts for people of any faith or background often include essentials for the home to help the newlywed couple begin their lives together. Wedding gifts are also an opportunity to splurge on something special that will be treasured for years and years to come by the lucky recipient. In many Jewish communities, it is common to give the bride and groom Judaica as a wedding gift so that they can easily celebrate Shabbat, holidays, and other joyous occasions throughout the Jewish year.


Candlesticks for Shabbat and Holidays

Most Jewish ritual celebrations, including Shabbat and holidays, are welcomed in by lighting candles. Many Jewish people from across the spectrum of movements and religiosity light candles on Friday evenings and before the start of a Jewish holiday, making a pair of elegant Shabbat candlesticks are a great gift for any couple, regardless of their level of observance. Our full selection includes candlesticks made from gold, sterling silver, and glass, as well as modern and designer options, including these silver filigree klezmer figurine candlesticks made by Shoham Yemenite Art.

❤︎ We love these Jerusalem of Gold candlesticks and these 925 sterling silver traditional candlesticks.



Sterling Silver Kiddush Cups

Like candlesticks, a Kiddush cup is an essential for celebrating Shabbat and holidays as a newly formed family. While Kiddush cups can be ceramic, gold, or made from other materials, sterling silver is by far the most popular option because of its luxurious look and its versatility, allowing designers to unleash their creativity and incorporate a variety of motifs and meanings. For example, this Kiddush cup designed by Bier Judaica features a hammered finish and a line from Psalms ("Wine gladdens the heart of man") cut out on the stem.

❤︎ We love these intricate filigree design kiddush cup and this polished cup and tray.



Mezuzah Cases

If the newlyweds in your life are about to move into a new home after the wedding, gifting a beautiful mezuzah case is a meaningful way to play a part in creating their new Jewish home. Some mezuzah cases are works of art — literally — like this case featuring Marc Chagall's depiction of the 10 Commandments. Other cases, like this anodized aluminum case engraved with the Shema prayer, are just as meaningful as they are artistic. Don't forget that scrolls are often sold separately from cases and make sure to order a scroll to complete the set!

❤︎ We love this modern minimalistic case inspired by Apollo and this designer case featuring a lacy floral motif.



Jewish Home Blessings

If the happy couple already has loads of Judaica from bar and bat mitzvahs, the engagement party, and past celebrations, art and other home décor is the way to go. Jewish home blessings, or artistic renditions of the Birkat HaBayit, are a lovely way to fuse Jewish tradition with modern art. This laser-cut paper Blessing for the Home is a perfect example of that intersection of spirituality and style. Not all Jewish home blessings are wall hangings, either - like this vibrant, colorful decorative glass cube featuring the blessing, designed by Jordana Klein. Check out our full selection of wedding gift home décor here.

❤︎ We love this framed floral wall-hanging and this stainless steel cut-out blessing.



Challah Boards

While wedding registries are always full of kitchen items and appliances, gifting a challah board is sure to stand out because of its meaning. While there is no law within Judaism that says you need a challah board, there is the concept of "hiddur mitzvah," in which we are encouraged to use gorgeous and beautiful ritual items to help making our traditions more meaningful. This bold glass challah board designed by Jordana Klein exemplifies this concept, as does this sleek modern-looking board created by Laura Cowan.

❤︎ We love this wooden pomegranate challah board and this challah board + gift set package.



Havdalah Sets

Furnishing a home on top of acquiring the Judaica needed for all of the different holidays, rituals and observances can be stressful for newlyweds. Luckily, many items on our site are sold in bundles, like Havdalah sets, which come with a holder for spices and the candle, as well as a Kiddush cup. Many also come with a tray for added convenience, like this sterling silver set from Bier Judaica. Like everything on our site, each item is made in the Land of Israel by local artisans and designers, so not only are you gifting something gorgeous - you're supporting Israeli artists and sending a piece of Israel to your loved ones!

❤︎ We love this hammered nickel Havdalah set (choice of colors) and this elegant blue glass set.



Holiday Items

Ritual Judaica used on holidays is a great wedding gift, because the couple can cherish it for years and years to come. Even if certain holidays only occur once a year, most Judaica is so beautiful that it can double as décor for a bookshelf, desk, or cabinet year-round. Menorahs are a perfect example, especially this David Gerstein sculpture that doubles as a menorah for Hanukkah, or this sterling silver menorah featuring klezmer figurines and intricate filigree. But Hanukkah isn't the only holiday with gorgeous ritual items - Seder plates, like this colorfully painted glass design, also make an excellent wedding gift

❤︎ We love this gold and silver pomegranate menorah and this modern mixed metal Seder plate.



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