Each Year Anew: A Century of Shanah Tovah Cards

Made in Israel
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Make your Rosh Hashanah even more meaningful with this incredible account of Each Year Anew:

  • Hardcover compilation of Rosh Hashanah greeting cards that reflect different points in Jewish history.
  • Available in either English or Hebrew from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Incredible gift for someone who appreciates history and art combined for this new year!

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Each Year Anew: A Century of Shanah Tovah Cards

Rachel Sarfati

Available in English or Hebrew

For more than a century, Jews in communities worldwide would send Shanah Tovah (Jewish New Year’s) greetings for Rosh Hashanah on printed cards - a custom that was abruptly transformed by the Internet age. It has thus become even more important to preserve and document these cards, which bear testimony to some of the most dramatic events that affected Jews in the 20th century: mass emigration from Eastern Europe, the Holocaust, the establishment of the State of Israel, and many more recent chapters in the story of Jewish life.

The opening article by Prof. Shalom Sabar gives a comprehensive review of the history of the Jewish New Year’s card; the colorful catalogue sheds light on a choice selection from the Museum’s collection; and the final article presents an interesting and less known facet of more recent Shanah Tovah cards - ones that became means of social and political protest in the hands of contemporary designers.


Hardcover, 224 pages

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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