The Israel Museum is counted among the world's best art and archaeology museums, and its encyclopedic assemblages include the biggest collection of Biblical and Israeli artifacts in the world! As well as giving visitors an opportunity to see the incredible history of the Jewish people and the Holy Land on site, it also produces authentic replicas and adaptations of some of the most iconic art and artifacts in Jewish and Israeli history.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the most significant archaeological find ever to be unearthed in Israel. Their discovery put the estimated date for the Hebrew Bible's canonization back by over 1000 years! Found in the Qumran Caves by the Dead Sea in the late 1940s, the scrolls offered a rare glimpse into the lives of Jews living in the 3rd century BCE. The extraordinarily well-preserved scrolls are now on display at the Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum. You can purchase your very own version of these ancient scrolls with an iconic replica, which comes in a copy of the clay jar in which the ancient scrolls were found. These pieces have been carefully created using similar methods to those used by the original artisans, creating a product as similar to the original as possible.


Since Biblical times, menorahs have been one of the most recognizable Jewish symbols in the world. The Israel Museum has produced several stunning replicas from some of the largest and oldest Jewish communities around the world. Each menorah has beautiful intricate designs unique to its origin that will brighten your Hanukkah holiday. Discover stunning menorah replicas, you might even find one from your ancestors' town!



There are several pieces of unusual and beautiful wall art available from the Israel Museum. A Hamsa is an ancient amulet thought to protect against the evil eye and bring luck, fortune, health and happiness into homes whose walls were adorned with the talisman.  To this day, people still believe in the power hamsas hold and decorate their homes with them. Every Hamsa comes with its own story and history, making it all the more special.

A Moroccan Hamsa from the 20th Century



In this impressive collection of authenticated replicas and adaptations, there are several plates from different places around the world. Any of these will surprise your guests at its beauty and craftsmanship. These pieces show the diversity of Jewish art during different time periods in different locations, which highlights all the Diaspora communities Jews have lived in.

Jews had been living for hundreds of years as seen with this Seder plate from the 1700s


All Israel Museum replicas come with a certificate of authentication and a booklet explaining their provenance and history in Hebrew and English. Owning a replica of an iconic piece of Jewish archaeology is a rare and exceptional way to really connect with your roots and explore the fascinating history of our people and land. Any of these unusual and exquisite pieces would make a great gift for someone with an interest in ancient Israel and Judaism!