Throughout history, humans have been fascinated with life-giving or extending substances, like the philosopher's stone and the elixir of life. Fables relate the quests of men in search of everlasting youth and immortality; none report conclusive success. Legend tells of an ancient Fountain of Youth, whose waters had the powers to bestow youth and longevity upon those who bathed in its water. Today, we still don't know if the mysterious fountain exists, but we have something that seems to fit its description pretty well: the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea's mythological waters contain tens of mineral compounds, almost all of which are unique to this low-lying hypersaline lake. The Dead Sea is a bizarre paradox: the sea's intense salinity precludes the existence of life; indeed, there are no plants or animals living in its vast basin. However, its unique combination of minerals means it is among the most life-giving and rejuvenating places on the planet, and every year hundreds of thousands flock to the sea to bathe in its waters and bake in its mud, and emerge feeling refreshed at reinvigorated. The Dead Sea is particularly noted for its ability to restore youth and a natural glow to bathers; you could say it's Israel's very own fountain of youth! These amazing anti-aging products can bring the Dead Sea's therapeutic powers right to your bathroom...


AHAVA is indisputably among the most renowned producers of top-quality skincare products in the world. They have an all-natural approach to skincare, and have developed a range of unique formulas designed to specifically target problem areas. They produce two lines of products which battle to control noticeable signs of aging: Extreme Anti-Aging and Age Control. Their Extreme Complex blends Dead Sea minerals with a combination of specially selected plant extracts, including goji berries, dates, raspberry roots and Icelandic moss which is grown and harvested in the Himalayan mountains. The Age Control range is created from Dead Sea minerals enriched with vitamins A and C, both of which have strong anti-oxidant properties. The products in both ranges are further enhanced with other plant extracts such as algae, which promotes cell renewal and hydration. The naturally restorative, healing powers of these plants combined with replenishing Dead Sea minerals leaves skin looking and feeling noticeably younger, healthier and radiant!

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Edom has created an exclusive selection of anti-aging products, which comprises two serums and face and eye creams. They combine invigorating Dead Sea minerals with a huge array of fruit and plant extracts, as well as coenzyme Q10 (a naturally occurring antioxidant) to create nourishing, replenishing products designed to leave skin smooth, moisturized and visibly less wrinkled.

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Elemin create indulgent Dead Sea cosmetics that have been created with luxury in mind. Their brand is all about quality, and their anti-aging range is no different. Their fragrance free products have decadent textures and immediate impact, and include newly-discovered skin-protecting ingredients that help skin fight free radical damage from the inside. These products leave skin looking noticeably younger and more supple.

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Our amazing range of Dead Sea Anti-Aging products are world-class, and contain everything you need to help your skin stay younger, healthy and hydrated, straight from Israel's very own Fountain of Youth!