Israeli clocks are a subtle way to decorate any room with a taste of Israel. From scenes of Israel as the background to classic pieces made from materials of today and in ancient times, these clocks will transport you to one of your favorite places in the world whenever you check the time. These wall and tabletop clocks featuring Israel are the perfect gift to give as a housewarming gift, when starting a new job so they can have it at work or as a whimsical gift.  Israeli clocks are fun and appreciated as well as being the perfect addition to any room.

Ofek Wertman

Ofek Wertman clocks are as modern as they get. Made from wood or aluminum, all his clocks have a sleek look to them whether it be a filtered photograph from two of Israel's most famous places or one of his original pieces. These pieces include a Kinetic Star of David clock built in layer to tell the time that twist and turn, and graffiti Israel leaders. Each major Israeli leader such as Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Golda Meir and Menachem Begin to name a few, has their own clock featuring different pieces of graffiti found throughout Israel to create a colorful and unique clock. Herzl is also featured in the graffiti collection but is also on a few of Wertman's pop art clocks.

The Kinetic Star of David clocks makes a complete star 4 times a day

Tel Aviv/Jerusalem Clocks

Tel Aviv/Jerusalem Clocks have scenes of two of Israel's greatest cities as the background. The ancient and mystical Jerusalem photographs include places like the Western Wall and the famous Shuk Machane Yehudah while the modern Tel Aviv images are of Neve Tzedek, one of Tel Aviv's first neighborhoods and Azrieli Towers done up in the most tasteful way. Aside from these edited picture clocks, Ofek Wertman includes the artwork of Reuven Rubin, an Israeli artist from the early 1900s. Rubin's painted scenes of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are incredible pieces to own, and easy to own as a clock.

The Port of Old Jaffa as depicted by Reuven Rubin

Armenian Ceramic

Armenian Ceramic clocks are a special way to have a piece of modern Jerusalem in your home. Artists from Armenia were brought over to Israel in 1919 to fix the ceramic tiles in the Temple Mount and have been making beautiful pieces of ceramic art ever since. Armenian Ceramic clocks are just one small part of all the things Armenian Ceramic artists do. Choose from clocks with a bold and bright border or those with a decorative inner section of Jerusalem, Shalom and mosaic art.

A beautiful clock to brighten your day with 

Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Alphabet clocks take a twist on your classic clock. Instead of the regular 1-12, the Hebrew numerical equivalence of Aleph to Yud Bet will help you keep track of time! Embellished with the Old City of Jerusalem skyline or the word "Shalom" with a dove, this popular style will be loved and adored by nearly anyone who has a special place of Israel in their heart.

A Hebrew lettered clock is also a great way to learn the Hebrew alphabet

Barbara Shaw

Barbara Shaw's clocks are creative and funky and no where near boring. Her use of bold designs and bright colors are seen in almost every one of her clocks, each with their own spirit and personality. Many of her clocks connect to Judaism or Israel in someway, whether through a thought provoking Yiddish proverb, a picture of a filling falafel or bagel, a juicy Jaffa orange, or even Israel's national bird, the Hoopoe. Barbara Shaw clocks make telling time fun and you can always count on them to add a little something special to any room.

Bubbly Hebrew letters to make you smile 


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