Israeli clocks are a subtle way to decorate any room with a taste of the Holy Land. From scenes of Israel as the background to classic pieces made from materials of today and in ancient times, these clocks will transport you to one of your favorite places in the world whenever you check the time.

These wall and tabletop clocks featuring Israel are the perfect gift to give as a housewarming gift, when starting a new job so they can have it at work or as a whimsical gift.


1. Ofek Wertman Kinetic Star of David Clock

Add an exciting, Jewish flare to your living space with the kinetic star of david clock, a masterpiece of design and functionality. Unlike most clocks, the hands are on separate, rotating plates. The timepiece is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its modern design, combined with the rich cultural symbol, makes it a perfect choice for any Jewish home.






2. Danon Wall Hanging Hamsa Clock with Jerusalem Motif

This beautiful, Hamsa-shaped clock is the perfect gift for anyone who's taken with the charm and history of Jerusalem. Within the face of the clock, along with the central fingers depict the Old City of Jerusalem. The clock's frame, adorned with delicate engravings, adds an extra layer of sophistication. This wall clock not only serves as a timekeeping device but also as an artistic statement for those with a discerning appreciation for elegant decor.






3. Ofek Wertman Illustrated Western Wall Jerusalem Square Wooden Clock

Experience the charm of tradition and artistic expression with the Illustrated Western Wall Jerusalem Wooden Clock. The square wooden frame encases a clock face adorned with a captivating illustration of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The wood imparts warmth to the overall design, creating a timeless piece that seamlessly integrates into spaces defined by sophistication and grace.






4. Danon Designer Desk Clock With Jerusalem Design

This unique clock design will look amazing wherever you put it. Sitting on a stand so as to stand up on a table this triangular design evokes antique maps. With the world map, north star, and beams emanating from Jerusalem featured highly detailed at the base, this clock is truly a work of art.






5. David Gerstein Wall Clock – Springtime

Embrace the rejuvenating spirit of spring with the David Gerstein Wall Clock in the Springtime theme. The clock's design, a vibrant and playful representation of the season, brings an air of freshness to any space. The high-quality materials used in crafting this piece ensure both durability and artistic finesse, making it a choice for those who seek to infuse their surroundings with a touch of nature's beauty.






6. David Gerstein Wall Clock – Cycling

For enthusiasts of both art and cycling, this one is a statement piece that captures the essence of movement and passion. The clock's face, adorned with vibrant colors and dynamic shapes, depicts the joy of cycling. Crafted with precision from durable materials, this wall clock not only tells time but also tells a story, making it a must-have for individuals with an appreciation for expressive and energetic design.






7. Martin Holt Jewish Humor Wall Clock – Swimming

This whimsical clock, adorned with humorous illustrations of swimming figures, is a delightful addition to spaces that appreciate a touch of lighthearted elegance. Playing off of Moses' splitting of the Sea of Reeds, this shows Moses splitting the waters of a pool so a Jew can run through a swimming race.






8. Ofek Wertman Dog Lover Wooden Clock

This cute wooden dog clock is great for dog lovers of all ages. By each of the hours, there is a different breed of dog. This bright, charming clock with its baby blue face would fit nicely on just about any wall. This would be an especially great gift for kids.






9. Jerusalem Clock - Hebrew Digits. Armenian Ceramic

Armenian ceramics, a unique style of pottery making started in Jerusalem by Armenian craftsmen, has long stood out for its striking colors and intricate designs. This features the iconic blue border, along with a stylized depiction of the Jerusalem Old City. The numerals are written out in Hebrew letters, and around the border are elaborate detailing and floral designs.






10. Shalom Clock - Hebrew Digits. Armenian Ceramic

The Jerusalem Clock is a testament to the seamless integration of Hebrew digits and Armenian ceramic craftsmanship. The clock's ceramic frame, intricately detailed with floral images, transforms timekeeping into an art form including its Hebrew numerals. At the center is the word "shalom" written in English and Hebrew, beneath a dove with an olive branch all within a wreath, representing peace.






If you're still looking for amazing ways to decorate your walls with Israeli designs, check out even more here!