Shabbat is undoubtedly the most fundamental and important mitzvah in the Jewish faith and celebrating Shabbat has been known to bring joy and light to Jews all over the world. For some, celebrating Shabbat is an easy endeavor, while for others it’s harder, so if you're looking for new ways to embrace this beautiful commandment and make it even more exciting and special for yourself and your family, then perhaps updating your Shabbat Judaica could be a good place to start! In traditional Judaism, there’s a concept that when a person is performing a mitzvah, he or she should do it in the most beautiful way possible, which is why you’ll often find Jewish Judaica that is very beautiful and ornate. Classic Jewish Judaica typically comes in many different forms and styles, but since our focus today is the mitzvah of Shabbat, we’ll be talking specifically about the different types of Shabbat Judaica you can get from Israel and our top picks from each category!


Shabbat Candlesticks

Each Friday, the lady of the house will light Shabbat candles and recite a special prayer to bring in the Shabbat, and depending on her custom, some women will light only two candles, while others light more, yet regardless of number, there’s no denying that this mitzvah is an elevating experience worth trying! For most women, it’s a great source of pride to own a gorgeous set of Shabbat Candlesticks, so if you’re looking to switch out your current set or add a few extra candlesticks to your collection, then you’ve come to the right place! We carry a wide range of outstanding Israeli-made products including classic options such as these heirloom-quality Nadav Art Sterling Silver Candlesticks, as well as many affordable models like these elegant Nickel-Plated Candlesticks that look as high-end as our more luxurious models. You’ll also find plenty of sleek and trendy designs such as these striking Laura Cowan Stainless Steel Candlesticks to suit every taste and budget!



Candlestick Trays

The perfect companion piece to one’s Shabbat Candlesticks, Candlestick Trays are excellent for anyone in search of a beautiful, stable structure to set up their candles that will look good while protecting the tops of their furniture from dripping wax or oil. Practical, charming, and certain to add a stylish touch to your display case or cabinet, our selection of Shabbat Candlestick Trays offers many wonderful options for you to try such as this amazing Art in Clay Ceramic Candlestick Tray, or this kaleidoscopic Jordana Klein Glass Candlestick Tray!





Kiddush Cups

Like Shabbat Candlesticks, Kiddush Cups also play an incredibly important role on Shabbat as well as many other holidays, which is why they are sometimes considered a man’s greatest Judaica treasure. Often given as gifts for special occasions like Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, engagements, weddings, or for welcoming a new baby, Kiddush Cups come in every shape, material, size, and style and we’ve got hundreds of exceptional designs for you to explore! From adorable Children’s Kiddush Cups like this stunning Nadav Art Silver Cup to incredible wine fountains like this colorful Rainbow Kiddush Fountain, and even Ceramic and Wooden Kiddush Cups, we’ve got every type of Kiddush Cup imaginable awaiting your discovery!





Producing great tasting Kosher Wine is an art, but luckily for you, Israel is home to some of the finest winemakers in the world and we happen to carry a marvelous array of exceptional Israeli wines for every occasion! Stop settling for cheap, inferior wines and come explore our wonderful selection of Kosher Wines from Israel to discover rich and flavorful bottles of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, sweet and refreshing bottles of Moscato, or fruity Pomegranate Wine and so much more for your Shabbat dinner table!





Challah Boards & Knives

No Shabbat table is complete without the perfect Challah Board as its centerpiece, so come explore our amazing Shabbat Challah Boards to discover something spectacular and unique for your home! Combining beauty, functionality, and tradition, our Challah Boards come in every style and design, so if you're looking for something truly special, go ahead and start your search by checking out bestsellers like this charming Yair Emanuel Pomegranate Challah Board or this captivating Dorit Judaica Pomegranate Mandala Challah Board!

Also, don’t forget to pick up a fabulous new Challah Knife while getting your new Challah Board! We offer plenty of superbly crafted Knives that will cut through bread as smoothly as butter so go on and check out our options to find the right one for you! Discover everything from tastefully modern designs like this Yair Emanuel Five Rings Challah Knife to more classic options like this Dorit Judaica Pomegranate Knife to make your Shabbat even more special!


Challah Covers

When placing the braided loaves of Challah on the Shabbat table, it is customary to cover them with something until it is time to wash hands and make HaMotzi, so most people use a dedicated cloth called a Challah Cover for this purpose. Challah Covers come in many different styles, including embroidered ones like this stunning Golden Jerusalem Challah Cover by Yair Emanuel, colorfully painted ones such as this Painted Silk Challah Cover, or delightfully patterned covers like this Dorit Judaica Pomegranate Challah Cover or this Barbara Shaw Seven Species Challah Cover!





Plata Covers

A Plata, or hot plate, is an electric warming tray used on Shabbat to permissibly heat up one’s meals, while a Plata Cover is a type of insulating ‘blanket’ draped over the food so that everything warms up faster and more evenly. These specially designed blankets are practical, stylish, and make excellent wedding, housewarming, or holiday gifts, so if you're thinking about getting a new Plata Cover for yourself or someone else, go ahead and explore our stunning Shabbat Plata Covers from Israel's best artists! We have plenty of fabulous products such as this vibrant Patchwork Plata Cover by Yair Emanuel or this elegant Dorit Judaica Floral Plata Cover, so if you own a Plata, then you need at least one of these useful products in your home!




Havdalah Sets

Although it is sometimes difficult to say goodbye to the tranquil peace of Shabbat, eventually there comes a point where one must accept that it’s time to prepare for Havdalah. This traditional ceremony marks the end of Shabbat and it involves a simple but beautiful ritual of blessing wine, lighting a special Havdalah Candle, and smelling sweet, fragrant spices called Besamim. Because of how special and significant this ritual is, many people take pride in using dedicated Havdalah Sets so they can perform this ceremony as splendidly as possible! For those who are interested in expanding their Judaica collections with something impressive and striking, we have a great selection of exciting Havdalah Sets for you to explore as well as plenty of gorgeous Havdalah Candles and attractive Besamim Holders! Complete Havdalah Sets like this Armenian Ceramic Havdalah Set or this Oriental Yair Emanuel Set are sure to make thoughtful gifts, while individual items like this Pomegranate Havdalah Candle or this Jerusalem Spice Box will be perfect compliments to any existing Havdalah setup!


Well friends, whether you’ve celebrated Shabbat your entire life or you're getting ready to experience it for the first time, there’s no doubt that the mitzvah of Shabbat is one of beauty, splendor, and joy that can be made even better with spectacular Shabbat Judaica from Israel's finest artists and designers! With an endless selection of incredibly special Judaica products awaiting your discovery, hurry and get yourself something wonderful from Israel today to make your Shabbat celebrations even more memorable!


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