Tzedakah BoxesTzedakah- charity- is an act held very highly in Judaism, as we are the kind of people that support one another, in Israel and around the world. Not only does the word Tzedakah mean "charity", it also has roots in the word of "righteous" and is one of the three actions a person can do to positively influence a heavenly decree. Giving Tzedakah is a commandment in Judaism that most Jews carry out, whether it is donating to their local synagogue, Jewish organizations in their country or giving to somewhere in Israel.  As children learn to give from a young age, it is important to put it into practice at home, making a Tzedakah box a must in one's home. There are plenty of charities to give to, and you and your family can choose one that speaks out to you. Once you fill up your box, empty it, send it out and choose a new charity to work on!

For the Bar Mitzvah Boy

For the Bar Mitzvah BoyWhen reaching the age of Bar Mitzvah, a boy is now considered a man, and begins to partake in all the commandments. A tzedakah box is something he will use for the rest of his life, so why not give him something he will always be remember? Flying saucers are perfect for the boy who loves sci-fi and space, while this funky box from Agayof is something any fun loving boy would appreciate. Nadav Art has a modern tzedakah box with cut outs so he can watch his future donations pile up and Yair Emanuel's Star of David box is great for the Israel ambassador. Whether he has a summer job or shovels snow around the neighborhood in the winter, a tzedakah box will teach him one of Judaism's foundations right when he starts to take the responsibility on to himself.

❤︎ We love this flying-saucer tzedakah box.

For the Bat Mitzvah Girl

Bat Mitzvah As a new woman in the Jewish community, a girl above the age of Bat Mitzvah is also responsible to give Tzedakah. From babysitting to summer jobs, a beautiful Tzedakah box will inspire her to give whenever she can. Nadav Art's Bella tzedakah box is feminine and elegant, something that any girl would love to have for the rest of her life. Yair Emanuel has many gorgeous options such copper pomegranates that will glisten and shine, colorful tzedakah boxes with floral and pomegranate metal cut outs, and beautiful hand-painted wooden tzedakah boxes with flowers that look like birdhouses and the Star of David. Giving tzedakah is something all people of Judaism must do and a beautiful tzedakah box will prepare her for the future when she goes to teach her children.

❤︎ We love this Bella tzedakah box.

In Your Home

In Your Home Being that Tzedakah is given by all, having a stunning Tzedakah box in your home is important. It teaches good values, the importance of helping others, and gives a meaningful place for all the spare change found deep within your couch cushions. Your in home tzedakah box doesn't need to be ordinary, rather, why not have something that will inspire giving? A pomegranate tzedakah box is something that you will want to fill until there is as many coins in there as there are seeds in a pomegranate. If your home is a place of elegance and style, this wooden and silver box will blend in perfectly.  Many have the custom of giving to charity before lighting the Shabbat candles, which is something that the whole family can do together. You can even watch your donations pile up with this Jerusalem tzedakah box.

❤︎ We love this Tree of Life tzedakah box.

For the Office

For the OfficeHaving a Tzedakah box in the office will remind one to give whenever they can, from employees to clients A modest tzedakah box like Adi Sidler's or this white aluminum tzedakah box will keep things professional and not distract from the important things at work. Maybe there is a time where you are having a fundraiser towards a certain charity, then a transparent tzedakah box might help raise moral and money. Yair Emanuel's tri-colored tzedakah box is simple enough to keep at work but does add a nice pop of color to brighten up the office space. An office tzedakah box allows different types of people to give to charity and reminds some to give tzedakah when they have not in a while.

❤︎ We love Adi Sidler's contemporary tzedakah box.

For the Modernist

For the Modernist Not everyone enjoys a traditional look, which is why there are so many modern and contemporary options of Judaica today. Shraga Landesman triangular tzedakah box is a balancing act of perfection, while his brass and turquoise bird tzedakah box makes a very bold statement. Modern designs standout and make a statement, especially when they are representing one pillar of Judaism.  Nadav Art's tzedakah box is also a beautiful contemporary box with a hint of tradition in the shape as well as Agayof's tzedakah box which adds a funky spin on a classic. A modern tzedakah box like this extraordinary Michael one keeps things interesting and keeps your home looking like a Jewish one.

❤︎ We love this triangular tzedakah box.

For the Traditionalist

For the TraditionalistIf you love keeping it simple and keeping it traditional, there are plenty of tzedakah boxes to choose from.  Yair Emanuel's wooden tzedakah boxes come in the classic shapes like the traditional rectangle, circle, Star of David, and of course Jerusalem, all with hand-painted designs. Two other favorites made out of wood include this simple hanging tzedakah box and this one with a metal plate featuring Jerusalem.  Nadav Art's silver house box is not done in a classically traditional tzedakah box shape but it has this nostalgic look to it that you can't help but love.

❤︎ We love Yair Emanuel's Jerusalem tzedakah box.