One of the artists that joined our selection at the Judaica WebStore is the quirky and colorful Vardool Art. Vardit Dafni & Zachy Dagan are childhood friends who grew up in the Jezreel Valley of northern Israel and decided to combine their creativity together to create Vardool Art. They call their pieces "happy metal art" as everything is made from metal and is sure to bring you joy with their vibrant designs. For something fun and funky, Vardool Art has the Judaica and Israeli art you want.


Shabbat Candlesticks deserve a whole area set out just for them. Vardool's candle sets are not your ordinary candlesticks, rather they have a backboard of beautiful art featuring different scenes that could be something imaginative or something that looks like whats outside your window. These candlesticks are age appropriate for a Bat Mitzvah girl and for those who just want to add a little more color into their lives.

The bottom says "Blessed Shabbat" in Hebrew


Every home needs a little art in it. Vardool's figurines are never lacking in color and creativity, and beautifully represent the outdoors in different ways. While some feature realistic bicyclist in action, others feature adorable cactuses or the Tree of Life with a blessing for the home. Each piece from Vardool is handmade to perfection meaning that each piece is in a way one of a kind. Decorate your home with happy metal art when you buy one of Vardool's fantastic figurines.

An adorable cactus with an even cuter lizard 

Chanukah Menorahs

Chanukah Menorahs are anything than just a piece of Judaica, they are a piece of art, a show of self-expression. Vardool's Chanukah Menorahs are truly a piece of art with a magnificent sculpture as the background to the menorah itself. Each menorah fits standard tea-lights rather than Hanukkah candles, truely making the Chanukah menorah the centerpiece of the week. Choose from any of their wonderful Chanukah menorahs featuring Jerusalem, nature, and more.

The scenes of a growing Jerusalem like never seen before


Hamsas have been a part of Jewish art for hundreds of years as they have also been an amulet for good luck and keeping evil away. Vardool's Hamsas are unlike any other. They are done in Vardool's classic colorful style and are extraordinary, each with a tiny tassel at the bottom.  Mandalas and home blessings are featured on most of their hamsas but there are also designs with fish and eyes, two other symbols for luck that often decorate hamsas. A Vardool hamsa is always a wonderful gift to give or receive.

Tradition says that the Evil Eye wards off negative energies