Hadag Nachash. The Time of Awakening (Zman LeHitorer) (2013)

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Hadag Nachash  is arguably Israel's most popular hip hop group, featuring  a powerful rhythmic groove that fuses Western hip hop with blends from funk and the world music scene.  Along with their innovative sound, they also bring a conscious message to their lyrics, often infusing them with calls for peace, equality and tolerance.
Their new album, "Time to Wake Up," continues to expand and deepen the content and musical boundaries of their work, while maintaining their unique, authentic voice. At the same time, the album also includes collaboration  with a host of veteran musicians, such as Isaac Klafter, Trifonas, Palmetto and more. 
1.  Mistovev 
2.  Mivusot 

3.  Zman L'Hitorer 

4.  Meir Meir
5.  Kovlana Al Mifleget Israel

6.  Eineni Boged 

7.  Pizmon 

8.  HaKol Yistader 
9.  Nogaat 
10. XL 
11. Maher 
12. Eilu Zeh Haya 
13. Yom Shishi
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