Koren Hardcover Classic Siddur - Sephardic Nusach - Edot Mizrach - Personal Size

Made in Israel
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Feel inspired and energized in your prayer with this wonderful siddur by Koren Publishers:

  • Fashioned in a lovely hardcover fashion for a sleek, long-lasting finish in a personal size. 
  • Organized strategically with Nusach Sepharadim - Edot Mizrach structure for Sephardi Jews, including beautiful additions for holidays and the Land of Israel.
  • Incredible gift for someone spiritual and growing in your life for a birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, or Jewish holiday that will lasts years to come!

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Nusah Sepharadim - Edot Mizrach - Personal Size 

Hebrew / English 

Leather Hardcover, 1052 pages

Size: 13 cm x 19.5 cm / 4" x 6"

Koren Publishers of Jerusalem and the Orthodox Union, announce with great pride a new  Hebrew and English daily Siddur! This edition of The Koren Siddur has been completely typeset anew for maximum clarity and legibility. Teams of Rabbis, scholars and designers from Israel, North America and Britain have worked for almost three years, updating and researching every subtlety of the Hebrew text. Rabbinical experts and gabbaim have reviewed all the halachic issues and the nuances that distinguish prayer in Israel from prayer in the diaspora. Proudly reflecting the centrality of the Land of Israel, the Siddur contains prayers for the Jewish state, its soldiers, and its celebratory days. The Koren Shalem Siddur has been designed to provide a new tefilla experience that engages both the mind and the heart. The Siddur includes weekday, Shabbat, holiday and life cycle event tefillot and Torah and Haftara readings. Amazing gift for someone you love that will accompany them in their spiritual connection for years to come! 

This siddur is uniquely catered to the customs and of Sephardic communities worldwide, including Jews from Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Morocco, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. 

Koren Publishers, originally founded by Eliyahu Koren over 50 years ago, has transformed the way Jews pray worldwide. His effort to create a font that executes maximum clarity to the reader, makes ancient Hebrew accessible during a modern era. The first Koren Siddur was published in 1981, to "encourage(d) the worshiper to engross the mind and heart in prayer,” according to Mr. Koren. All IDF soldiers receive a Koren Siddur upon entering the Israeli army, which is a ritual that prevails today. Koren continues to expand to Jews all over the world to transform the prayer experience. 

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