Idan Raichel. The Idan Raichel Project. Quarter to Six (2013)

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Idan Raichel, one of Israel's most renowned musicians and its best selling artist of the last decade, is known for his unique fusion of traditional Hebrew texts with Israeli pop music, electronics, rock and an an assortment of global sounds, including Middle Eastern, African and Indian.
Four years after the release of his wildly successful album "Within My Walls," Idan Raichel is back with his latest celebration of musical genuis and mulit-cultural collaboration with his latest album, "Quarter to Six."  Divided into two parts, eight songs each, it is another deeply moving production from Raichel, a beautiful array of soulful melodies, creative poetry, stunning vocal performances and complex arrangements. With the already popular singles  "Now Close" and "Night" it is easy to see why "Quarter to Six" is already the leading candidate for the Foreign and World category's best album of the year.
1.  Yored Ha Erev

2.  In Stiller Nacht 
3.  Achshav Karov

4.  Rak Oto

5.  B'Layla

6.  Sabe Deus

7.  Arabic Song
8.  Ad Sh Ein Yoter Lean
9.  Haruch HaZo
10. Mon Amour
11. Haiim Pshutim
12. Olam Shalem
13. Detras De Mi Alma
14. B'Karov
15.  Im Hayita Roe
16. Ohr C'Zo

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