Inna Berl "Tree of Life" Ketubah – Jewish Marriage Certificate – High Quality Print

Custom Made in Jerusalem
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Size: 65cm x 45 cm / 25.5'' x 17.5''

Choose your style of text (Orthodox, Reform, Interfaith etc) or create your own!

Cherish the memory of your special day forever with this majestic Ketubah (Jewish marriage certificate). Designed by renowned artist and designer, Inna Berl, and inspired by a range of Jewish motifs, this beautifully colorful design displays the Tree of Life, pomegranates and peacocks. Crowning the top of the Ketubah, reminiscent of a Chuppah (wedding canopy), are the words "A Tree of Life to All who Grasp It" in Hebrew. These words feature in Jewish liturgy as a metaphor for the Torah, as though it is a tree from whose roots all life grows. The tree is also a fitting symbol of the Jewish marriage: the roots are the foundations from which the couple grows together. The text of this elegant Ketubah is encapsulated in the colorful, turquoise plumes of peacocks, symbolizing the glory and majesty of the Jewish People. Whilst the pomegranates as the top represent abundance and are also said to contain 613 seeds, the same amount of mitzvot (commandments) as in the Torah.

The text of this Ketubah can be adapted to suit your beliefs and lifestyle or you can create your own to make this Ketubah truly unique and personal to you.

After you place the order for your Ketubah a member of our team will be in touch to clarify any details and once the Ketubah is ready, we will email you the final result so that you can approve it before it's shipped.

Artist Inna Berl has been designing and creating Judaica in Jerusalem for almost 30 years. Inna is a graduate of the International Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and her work is infused with Jewish faith bringing you exquisitely illustrated blessings, megillot (scrolls) and Ketubot (marriage certificates). Her work has earned her praise from Israel's former Chief Rabbi, Israel Meir Lau, and can be found in private collections across Israel, the USA and around the world.

  1. Inna Berl "Tree of Life" Ketubah – Jewish Marriage Certificate – High Quality Print
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