Inspirational Pomegranate Tree Wall Hanging By Dorit Judaica (Hebrew)

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Add a special touch of faith to your home decor with this beautiful designer wall hanging from Dorit Judaica:

  • Made from metal, this wall hanging features an elaborate pomegranate tree design set in the center with the inspirational words of the Talmud, expressing appreciation for all that nature has to offer.
  • A one-of-a-kind design from one of Israel's top Judaica designers.
  • The perfect blend of faith and design, this wall hanging is a must-have for any home!!!

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Size: 23 cm x 29 cm x 10 cm / 9.05" x 11.42" x 3.94"

For a unique and meaningful addition to your home or office decor, check out this marvelous designer wall hanging by renowned Israeli artist Dorit Judaica. Made from metal, this special wall hanging features a fruitful pomegranate tree set in the center with a circle that is inscribed with a Hebrew expression of appreciation for all that nature has to offer from the Talmud Taanit (page 5, side 2), "Ilan, Ilan, BeMah Avarchecha? Im Omer Lecha Sheyihyu Peirotecha Metukin - Harei Peirotecha Metukin. SheYeheh Tzilcha Naeh - Harei Tzilcha Naeh. SheTeheh Amat HaMayim Overet Tachtecha - Harei Amat HaMayim Overet Tachtecha. Ela Yehi Ratzon SheKol Netiot SheNotin Mimcha Yihyu KeMotcha (Tree, tree, how shall I bless you? If I shall bless you with sweet fruit, your fruit are already sweet. That your shade shall be pleasant, it is already pleasant. That a stream of water should flow beneath you, a stream of water already flows beneath you. Rather, may it be God's will that all saplings which they plant from you shall be like you). With its stunning design and inspirational message, this wall hanging is sure to impress your guests whenever you display it.

Dorit is the founder of Dorit Judaica. She's a religious woman with a singular passion for Jewish art. Her faith helps her create vivid pieces that are pleasing to the senses. She specializes in integrating Jewish texts into her colorful work. Dorit employs her remarkable creativity in all her designs. She is a seventh-generation Israeli, and lives in Petach Tikva with her husband and four kids.

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