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Jews have an ancient tradition of blessing people and places. A superbly designed Jewish house blessing to hang in your home or business will add a wonderful touch of beauty, tradition, and meaning! See our extensive selection of traditional Jewish blessings for the home, business, candle lighting, and more!

Precious Language Set Into Beautiful Materials

A verse engraved and mounted on metal or wood transforms language into sculpture, an enduring reminder of the words we repeat and pass down to our children, the words that help direct our thoughts and our hearts to the right place. Judaica Webstore has a wonderful collection of blessings, including home blessings, priestly blessings, and doctors' blessings as well as Sabbath blessings to be read at the lighting of the Sabbath candles.

Refined and Understated Designs

We have a number of blessings engraved in sterling silver and mounted on dark wood from Hazorfim Silver, the world-renowned silversmithing shop founded in Isreal in 1952. Hazorfim Silver can be found in the personal collections of presidents and royalty world wide. Available from Hazorfim is Maimonides' doctors blessing in Hebrew, a Sabbath candle blessing, and a home blessing along with a picture of old Jerusalem, engraved on a pair of hamsa-shaped plaques.

Ready for framing, David Fisher's blessings in laser-cut paper are an elegant alternative that remind one of delicate lace work. Fisher blends floral motifs, the seven species of Israel motif and an Old Jerusalem motif to make these precious decorative items, which are a treat for the eye and which add a refined accent to the home. Fisher offers home blessings, the doctor's prayer, and a Sabbath blessing, in both English and Hebrew.

Colorful Craft Creations

Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel has provided us with a series of wall-hanging house blessings. Yair uses appliqué, embroidery and fabric paint on raw silk as well as brass rods with glass and metal beads to create these charming, colorful home blessings. Sure to brighten up the kitchen or the family room, Emanuel's blessings make a perfect housewarming gift.

Artist Esther Shahaf has also created some blessings in her signature vernacular that draws together disparate materials, styles and colors. She has created a home blessing in English and one in Hebrew, decorated with Swarovski crystals, made to hang on the wall and lend flair to the room.

We also have a number of hamsas to bring love and caring energy in your home. Lily Shohat has created two abstracted hamsa designs that incorporate a Hebrew home blessing as well as her signature hand-painted motifs, both of which are made to hang on the wall. We also have a number colorful pewter and millefiore hamsas from Adina Plastelina Studio in Old Jaffa. Adina Plastelina Studio uses old glass techniques to make beautiful millefliore designs in polymer clay. These fields of color are combined with the pewter hamsas to bring good fortune as well as an element of color and taste to your home.

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