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Kosher Food

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Check out our amazing selection of top kosher food from Israel! If you're looking for the taste of Israel, you've got all the ingredients for a delicious meal or party - main dishes, desserts, and snacks. It's all kosher, and all made in Israel! What better way to celebrate an upcoming simcha or holiday, than with food from Israel.

As with all other Jewish holidays, food plays an important role on Rosh Hashanah, socially, ritually, and traditionally. One of the best known and most beloved traditions is the eating of simanim (symbolic foods) at the evening meal. Each one is supposed to convey an aspect of blessing or fortune for the upcoming year. With that in mind, a number of decorative and practical simanim plates have been created to help you organize your feast, and to provide you with a memorable centerpiece for your table as well!

The best known of the simanim is an apple dipped in honey, to symbolize our wish for a sweet upcoming year. Judaica Web Store has literally dozens of honey dishes to beautify your festive table, including traditional, modern, and fun designs in sterling silver, crystal, wood, ceramic, enameled and jeweled pewter, and more. They can even provide the honey!

Of course, gifts of food are part of every Jewish holiday. Take a look at the great kosher gift baskets Judaica Web Store offers. You are guaranteed to make someone very happy with one of these deluxe collections of treats!

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