Jojoba Hatzerim Boxed Set of Six Individual Aromatic Jojoba Oils

Made in Israel
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Wonderfully enrich your cosmetics shelf with this six-pack of aromatic jojoba oils from Jojoba Hatzerim:

  • Each bottle contains 100% pure jojoba oil infused with the rich aromas of all-natural extracts (mint, orange, geranium, bergamot, lemongrass, lavender).
  • Certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health.
  • Great for aromatherapy or for daily skincare treatments.

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Made with 100% Pure Jojoba Oil and Various All-Natural Oils


Chemical Free

Certified by the Israel Ministry of Health

Not Tested on Animals

Six 10ml / 0.33 fl.oz. Bottles

Enjoy a full range of incredibly fragrant healing oils made with the finest cosmetic-grade jojoba oil with this amazing 6-pack boxed set of Jojoba Hatzerim Aromatic Oils! Produced on Kibbutz Hatzerim in Israel's Negev desert in accordance to the highest international standards, each individual bottle of aromatic oil contains only the purest jojoba oil infused with the following all-natural extracts:  

Mint – cools, sooths and refreshes skin.

Geranium – the anti-septic properties make it ideal for treating skin irritations and inflammations.

Orange – rich in Vitamin C, boosts collagen production and blood flow, helping the anti-aging process.

Bergamot – the anti-bacterial properties make it perfect for treating skin irritations such as acne.

Lavender – contains soothing and cleansing properties to reduce inflammation.

Lemongrass – rich in antioxidants, and useful for keeping your skin healthy and youthful.

Great for aromatherapy, these incredible oils can be used in your favorite skin and hair care products as scented, vitamin-rich supplements, or as therapeutic enhancers for any DIY cosmetic project. Easily absorbed into the skin and with long-lasting effectiveness thanks to the presence of jojoba, these calming, chemical-and-preservative-free aromatic oils will make unrivaled additions to your self-care regime that you will enjoy using every day!   

Jojoba Hatzerim Ltd. is the number one supplier of jojoba oil in the world, controlling 30% of the market share and working with some of the leading global cosmetic brands. Located on Kibbutz Hatzerim in Israel's Negev desert, near Beer Sheva, Hatzerim has been a distinguished leader and innovator in new technologies for decades – producing the world's first drip irrigation system in 1965. This technological expertise, together with its desert climate and geographical location, has made the kibbutz the perfect place for growing jojoba. Naturally cultivated and produced by local farmers, Jojoba Hatzerim brings you the highest quality and environmentally friendly cosmetic jojoba oils.

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