Printed Teal Shabbat Challah Cover with Kiddush Words

Designed in Israel
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Make your Shabbat table a teaching experience with this creative challah cover from the Land of Israel:

  • Fashioned with lovely floral patterns in four corners using teal, light brown tones.
  • Aligned with the Hebrew words of Shabbat Kiddush in the center, read over a glass of wine or grape juice to officially sanctify Shabbat.
  • Incredible gift for the newly wed couple you know starting a new home or a holiday surprise for someone special!

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Size: 52 x 42 cm / 20” x 16.5”

Prepare your Shabbat table both beautifully and functionally with this intricate, practical challah cover. Containing the words of the Shabbat kiddush blessing, this cover is perfect since we cover the challah to read these exact words! Decorated with lovely floral patterns in light browns, yellows, and teal for a regal finish. Guaranteed to be a challah cover that your guests will remember.

It is traditional to cover the challah bread before reciting Kiddush over wine or grape juice, out of “respect” for the bread. Since bread is the highest level of sustenance, yet we must say Kiddush first to sanctify Shabbat, the challah is covered since it is technically more important in regard to eating the Shabbat meal. In this case, this challah cover goes perfectly with this order of events, since it contains the words of Shabbat kiddush on the challah cover itself, to be read before eating the bread. Creative idea that will leave your guests informed and engaged throughout the Shabbat meal!

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