Elegant Stone-Like Washing Cup (Netilat Yadayim)

Designed in Israel
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Splash your hands in elegance with this stone-like hand washing cup from the Land of Israel:

  • Designed with elevated rings around the cup for a textured finish on a stone like pattern.
  • Decorated in the center with the Hebrew words Netilat Yadayim, washing of the hands.
  • Wonderful gift for a newly wed couple or a housewarming that will enhance a home for years to come!

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Height: 4.33"  / 11 cm

Bring your Shabbat experience and home atmosphere to the next level with this gorgeous hand washing cup! Designed with a stone look, this piece will help you connect to the holiness of bridging the physical and spiritual. Since bread has a special status and represents livelihood and sustenance, we declare its sanctity by washing our hands before. 

With this stunning piece in your home, no guest who ever uses it will ever fail to compliment you on it! It has the look, feel, and weight of genuine stoneware!


The blessing to say over washing the hands if you are going to eat more than 2oz of bread:

Baruch atah Adon-ai Elo-hainu Melech HaOlam, Asher Kidishanu BMitzvotav Vitzivanu Al Nitalas Yadayim. 

Blessed are you, Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us in the washing and elevating of the hands.

Then the blessing over the bread:

Baruch atah Adon-ai Elo-hainu Melech HaOlam, HaMotzei Lechem Min HaAretz. 

Blessed are You, Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe, Who brings out bread from the earth. 

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