Silver and Gold Five Metals Tikkun Chava Kabbalah Ring - Traveler's Prayer - Psalms 91:11

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A beautiful blend of contemporary style and Jewish symbolism, this ring boasts a golden Star of David and is engraved with the Biblical prayer for the traveler. Handcrafted in the Land of Israel, this ring will make a terrific gift.


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925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold 

This stunning piece of handmade jewelry is a rare blend of physical beauty and spiritual power.

Exquisitely carved out of sterling silver and 9K gold, it also utilizes the five metal formula (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead), the blending of which, according to the Kabbalah, is believed to harness potent spiritual energies and is considered to be a potential tool for stimulating positive changes in our lives. The prescription, based on an ancient Kabbalistic formula, only allows the ring to be produced once a month. (According to the Kabbalistic text, the five metals must be combined on the Saturday night after a full moon, when Jupiter's influence is felt).

The breathtaking Kabbalistic design symbolizes the tikkun (repair) made by the first woman Chava (Eve) who, despite committing the first sin, nevertheless became the mother of all life. The three stars represent numerologically the three letters in Chava's name. The eight-pointed star (in sterling silver) signifies the letter chet; the 6-pointed star (in 9K yellow gold) signifies the letter vav, and the five-pointed star (in 9K red gold) signifies the letter heh.

In addition, the inscription contains the Hebrew text of the verse from King David's wisdom, Ki Malachav Yetzaveh Lach Lishmorcha Bechol Deracheicha ("For He shall command His angels for you, to guard you on all your paths.") (Psalms 91:11), while on the inside the ring is inscribed in Hebrew with two of the 72 Names of G-d: Alef-Dalet-Lamed for Protection and Alef-Kaf-Alef for Creativity.

The ring is suitable for men or women.

Ha'ari Jewelry, located in Israel, offers a beautiful and exclusive collection of high-quality, handcrafted gold and silver jewelry that is rooted in Kabbalistic & Jewish sources. Each stunning piece carries with it a world of spiritual wisdom and power that now you can carry wherever you go.

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