Silver and Gold Safety Pin for the Baby - Porat Yosef / Evil Eye

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Pin your special one with love with this unique silver and gold safety pin from the Land of Israel:

  • Adorned with silver and 9K gold in the Land of Israel by Ha’ari Jewelry. 
  • Includes a mystical name of G-d and the Ben Porat Yosef blessing (Genesis 49:22). 
  • Use as a decoration or cute pin on your baby’s clothes, marking a milestone for years to come!

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925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold

Size: 1.14" X 0.79" / 29 X 20 mm

This beautiful silver and 9K gold baby safety pin is loaded with Kabbalistic charms associated with protection, including Aleph - Lamed - Dalet, one of G-d's mystical 72 holy names. It is inscribed with Ben Porat Yosef, Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayin (“Josef is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine by a fountain" Genesis 49:22), a Biblical verse which was part of Jacob's blessing to his son Yosef. In Jewish tradition, Yosef is considered righteous, and so it has become common custom to use his name as a virtue (segula) for protection and blessing.

The pin can be attached to the stroller or crib, and as the baby grows up, he or she can transfer the charms to a necklace to wear for the rest of his or her life. Makes a wonderful gift.

Ha'ari Jewelry, located in Israel, offers a beautiful and exclusive collection of high-quality, handcrafted gold and silver jewelry that is rooted in Kabbalistic & Jewish sources. Each stunning piece carries with it a world of spiritual wisdom and power that now you can carry wherever you go.

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