Sterling Silver Hamsa Necklace with Roman Glass Disk and Jerusalem Fingers

Hand Made in IsraelAuthentic Roman Glass from Israel
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Keep a dreamy reminder of Jerusalem close to your heart with this designer necklace from Rafael Jewelry:

  • Made of sterling silver, this Hamsa pendant features a round piece of Roman Glass and is engraved with a presentation of the Old City walls in Jerusalem.
  • Masterfully handcrafted by Rafael Jewelry, one of Israel's leading designers of Jewish jewelry.
  • Will make a stunning addition to your jewelry collection!

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925 Sterling Silver, Roman Glass

Size: 2.9cm x 2cm / 1.15" x 0.8"

This pretty Hamsa necklace features a circle of iridescent Roman Glass in its palm, and boasts fingers made from an intricate rendition of the Holy City's iconic wall and mountains. The glass is surrounded by textured silver, and the whole hand is framed with a gleaming silver border. It would make a unique and beautiful gift to someone special!

Hamsas are an ancient Middle Eastern symbol for God's protection against the evil eye. It is popular in Israeli jewelry and decor.

This necklace includes the silver chain shown in the picture, in your choice of length. 

Roman glass is a rare material discovered in archaeological excavations around Israel. Glass was once a prized commodity reserved for royalty and the wealthy, but became increasingly common throughout the Roman Empire. Israel is one of the few places in the world where geological and climatic conditions coincide to enable the formation of what we call Roman Glass. Over time, the buried glass shards absorb minerals from the surrounding soil, and the soil’s unique mineral content creates an exquisite ‘patina’ – the delicate coloring of this precious material.

Roman Glass ranges in color from iridescent hues of blues and greens to shimmering purples and yellows and sparkling flecks of pink and orange. No two fragments of this ancient material are completely alike, so your gorgeous piece of Roman Glass jewelry is completely unique to you!

Please Note: Patina is incredibly delicate. To preserve it, do not allow glass to come in contact with water.

With a career spanning five decades, Rafael is one of Israel’s most celebrated artisan jewelry designers. Descended from personal jewelers to the Yemenite royal family, his work combines contemporary styling and modern design with the ancient art of filigree to create beautiful, timeless masterpieces. Rafael’s innovative designs are hand-crafted from gold and silver, guaranteeing a high-quality finish and shine. Inlaid with delicate Roman Glass, shimmering Eilat stone and other precious and priceless stones, each piece boasts a unique, shimmering finish.

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