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The Israel Museum is among the largest encyclopedic museums in the world, and one of the most breathtaking places in Israel to visit. One of Judaica Webstore's consistently most popular categories is the Israel Museum series of official products. Hundreds of items - replicas, adaptations, and art prints of pieces on display at the museum, as well as gorgeous sterling silver jewelry based on archaeological discoveries. Check it out - you won't be disappointed!

The Israel Museum

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is responsible for recording and keeping the material history of the Jewish people. Part of their mission is providing educational replicas to promote knowledge about Jewish culture throughout history around the world. Judaica Webstore carries hundreds of official Israel Museum products. All replicas include a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Museum as well as a note of explanation in English and Hebrew.

Amulets and Roman Glass Jewelry

Amulets derive their power to aid and protect from the various names of G-d that are written on them in code, abbreviation, or acrostic. Browse the Israel Museum's stunning collection of Jewish amulet replicas. There are dozens of necklaces, rings and bracelets to choose from. Some of our most popular selections include a replica of a 17th century magic square amulet from the Jewish community of Afghanistan.

Besides amulets, we carry a whole line of jewelry based on ancient designs as well as original designs set with Roman glass. Roman glass dates back as early as the 1st century C.E. and has been excavated from sites all over Israel. All Roman glass has a lovely iridescent patina, slowly acquired over the centuries.

Historical Judaica

There is also a line of beautiful Judaica modeled after pieces from various eras and locations around the globe. Menorahs include a 15th century German replica and an 18th century Greek replica. Seder plates refer back to 15th century Spain and 18th century Holland. There are also historic Mezuzah cases, Kiddush cups, Sabbath candlesticks, and dreidels.

Museum Books

We also carry catalogues for past Israel Museum exhibitions, as well as many fascinating and beautiful books printed under the Israel Museum's stamp. Some popular titles include The Holy Land in Maps, which begins with a 6th century mosaic in Jordan and ends with satellite imaging, covering ages of political and social change. Also popular is Envisioning the Temple; Scrolls, Stones and Symbols, which covers an exhibition centered on the Dead Sea Scrolls and on the Temple Scroll in particular. Don't forget to check out the Dead Sea Scroll merchandise inspired by that exhibit, including a replica of a scroll along with a replica of the clay vessel in which it was discovered! There are also a number of contemporary art exhibition catalogues for group shows as well as one-person shows.

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