Hamsa jewelry is one of the most popular and widespread symbols in the Middle East, the Hamsa looks like an open palm and represents the Hand of God.


Hung in homes as an amulet and worn as a talisman on necklaces, the Hamsa is a symbol of God's protection. Its extraordinary protective powers safeguard its wearer from negative energies and the Evil Eye, and bring luck, happiness, success, fortune and harmony into the lives of those who wear it. Some Jews also believe that the five fingers of the Hamsa are a reminder to serve God with all five senses. Hamsas can be crafted from any material and often include intricately detailed metalwork and filigree, and semi-precious gemstones with special spiritual energies of their own.

This Buying Guide sums up the different styles of Hamsa available from Judaica WebStore:

Hamsa Jewelry

Our exceptional selection of Hamsa jewelry includes a full range of  ringsearringsbracelets and necklaces, and offers a wide array of styles to suit every taste. In this jewelry selection, Hamsas are often paired with other Kabbalistic symbols, such as an open eye believed to ward off the Evil Eye. Forged from precious metals or crafted from high-quality leather and set with sparkling stones, shimmering Roman glass and other beautiful embellishments, the Hamsa jewelry range has something special for everyone.

Hamsa Wall Art

Our spectacular range of Hamsa wall hangings are sure to make your home even more beautiful, or make an original and interesting gift for newlyweds or people moving into a new home. These pieces have been created by the most talented designers in the country, including Yealat ChenYair Emmanuel and Iris Design, and even include some incredible replicas from the Israel Museum. Many of these pieces feature traditional Hebrew verses of blessing and wishes for peace.

Free-Standing Hamsa Sculptures

These beautiful free standing sculptures from talented Israeli designer houses such as David Gerstein and Jerusalem Judaica feature a range of different styles and are made from a selection of different materials, so you're sure to find something that would look perfect in your home.

Hamsa Decor and Tableware

These striking Hamsa-inspired pieces of usable art for your house will make fantastic additions to your shabbat table, and look fabulous in any part of your home. This wonderful selection includes pieces crafted from aluminum, silver, brass, gold and wood, all of which are true works of art in and of themselves.

Our exceptional collection of Hamsa-inspired art showcases the very best of Israeli designers' considerable talent: with such a huge range or Hamsa jewelry and art, you're sure to find the perfect Hamsa for you and your home.