The Hamsa is one of the most popular and widespread symbols in the Middle East, with a long history in the Land of Israel and Jewish tradition as well. The symbol looks like an open palm and is meant to be reminiscent of the Hand of God, in order to invoke protection, luck, and peace.

Hung in homes as an amulet, the Hamsa is Judaism's most famous good-luck charm. It's believed to safeguard from negative energies and the Evil Eye, and to bring luck, happiness, success, fortune, and harmony. Some Jews also view the five fingers of the Hamsa as a reminder to serve God with all five senses.

Many Israeli artists and designers incorporate the Hamsa into stunning Jewish wall art, sculptures, and traditional home blessings. Hamsa-themed Jewish art makes for a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a wedding, house warming, birthday, or any other special occasion - or as a meaningful adornment for your own home.

Check out our diverse collection of Hamsa art straight from Israel, as well as our Top 10 favorite pieces below!

1. Ornate Hamsa Wall Hanging (Choice of Colors)

Hang the power of the Hamsa wherever you'd like, with this compact yet intricate Hamsa hanging from Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah studio! Expertly combining traditional Jewish symbolism with modern style, it comes in a choice of vibrant colors and a loop for hanging it in your home, car, office, school locker, or college dorm. Inside the Hamsa is a floral motif along with the Hebrew word Mazal or "Luck," and a traditional Kabbalistic eye for warding off the "evil eye."

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2. David Gerstein "Peace Upon Israel" Hamsa Sculpture

Adorn your home with a touch of contemporary Israeli art and layers of Jewish imagery with this magnificent freestanding colorful sculpture from David Gerstein. The cut-out metal piece is shaped like a Hamsa hand and features the Hebrew words "Shalom al Israel" ("Peace upon Israel") along with an array of symbolic Jewish motifs: the Western Wall, Star of David, shabbat candlesticks, menorah, Ten Commandments tablets, dove, wine cup, a pomegranate, and more.

3. Limited Edition Handmade Ceramic Hamsa Plaque Wall Hanging

This limited-edition, handmade ceramic plaque comes from Tel Aviv family-run studio Art in Clay, and will be the ultimate good-luck charm in your home! Hand-painted and adorned with 24K gold accents, it features a Hamsa hand with a traditional eye motif and the words "Health", "Prosperity", and "Peace" engraved in English. The Hebrew words "Mazal" ("Luck") and "Bracha" ("Blessing") are at the top and bottom in gold. Other details include a fish (a traditional Jewish symbol of luck and abundance), pomegranates, and a stone pattern representing the walls of Jerusalem.

4. Armenian Ceramic Hamsa Wall Hanging

Armenian ceramics are a popular craft that has been handmade in the Old City of Jerusalem for generations, and this colorful ceramic Hamsa is the ultimate décor you need for your home! It's intricately decorated with stunning floral motifs and a traditional eye design to ward off the "evil eye." You'll love having this beautiful and meaningful piece of Israeli art in your home!

5. Yair Emanuel Pomegranate Hamsa Wall Hanging

This striking and richly colored wall hanging is made out of hand-painted metal in the shape of a Hamsa, with an array of pomegranate branches inside. Designed by prominent Israeli artist Yair Emanuel in his Jerusalem studio, this piece is sure to stand out in any room and bring a touch of both traditional faith and stylish contemporary design.

6. David Gerstein Hamsa with Butterflies Sculpture

Another remarkable, eye-catching piece from renowned Israeli artist David Gerstein is this vibrant double-sided sculpture featuring a red Hamsa hand, colorful flowers, and kaleidoscopic butterflies. Inspired by Jewish tradition and symbolism, it's at the same time impeccably chic and modern, and will be a striking addition to any room - sure to wow your guests or a lucky gift recipient!

7. Jerusalem Brass Wall Hamsa Historic Replica

This unique brass Hamsa wall hanging makes a beautiful gift for that special someone who loves Jewish history and the Land of Israel. Made by the Israel Museum, it's based on an ornament found on a 19th-century Jerusalem synagogue lamp, and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a description of its historical background. The stunning piece incorporates bird and Star of David imagery, along with the Hebrew letter Heh symbolizing the Divine Name, all set inside a traditional Hamsa hand to symbolize luck and Divine protection.

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8. Silver-Plated Hamsa with English Home Blessing

Hamsa-shaped house blessings are particularly common in the Land of Israel, combining two powerful Jewish themes: the ancient protective amulet of the Hamsa and the positivity and good wishes of the home blessing. And you can't go wrong with this silver-plated, hanging house blessing from Israeli artisan workshop Danon! It features a beautiful blessing for the home in English, and is adorned with colorful gemstones and additional symbols of luck, prosperity, and love: keys, fish, pomegranates, hearts, and a horseshoe. Compact and stylish, this good luck charm will fit anywhere in your home!

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9. Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Jerusalem Hamsa

Add Jewish symbolism in impeccable style to your or a loved one's home with this colorful, hand painted metal Hamsa wall hanging from famous Israeli Judaica designer Yair Emanuel. The Hamsa is an ancient symbol of luck and Divine protection, and this one is adorned with an intricate, vibrantly colored depiction of the City of Jerusalem. This eye-catching work of art will instantly brighten up any room, while providing a beautiful connection to the Land of Israel.

10. Danon Wall Hanging Hamsa Clock with Jerusalem Motif

This gorgeous, metal wall hanging combines multiple motifs from Jewish tradition: inside its silver plated Hamsa shaped clock are depictions of the Old City of Jerusalem. The top and bottom feature additional ornamentation and the word "Jerusalem" spelled out in English. Made in Israel, it is easy to hang, for a convenient and meaningful adornment anywhere you choose.

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