The Koren Shir Zion Birkon - Set

Made in Israel
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If ever there was a Birkon (Grace after Meals and Song booklet) that inspired you to reach and out and touch the Land of Israel in all its vibrancy, The Koren Shir Zion Birkon will do that, all from your place at the table. As you recite the blessings and sing songs of Shabbat, the vivid colors of the photographs bring the holy words to life.

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Hebrew, Suitable for Nusah Ashkenaz and Sepharad

Paperback. Size: 5.25" X 7.7" / 13 X 19.5 cm

Available as a set of 6 birkonim each with a unique cover featuring scenes and fruit from Eretz Yisrael.

Designed in a durable soft cover, the Birkon Shir Ziyon features the full range of traditional Shabbat songs (zemirot Shabbat), Birkat HaMazon in Nusah Ashkenaz and Nusah Sepharad, and other Shabbat blessings. Along with the classic Koren font and elegant design, the Birkon Shir Ziyon features beautiful color photographs of the Land of Israel by renowned Israeli photographer Yehoshua Halevi. The combination of the text with stunning visuals deepen one’s connection to the tranquility of Shabbat.

Koren Publishers, originally founded by Eliyahu Koren over 50 years ago, has transformed the way Jews pray worldwide. His effort to create a font that executes maximum clarity to the reader, makes ancient Hebrew accessible during a modern era. The first Koren Siddur was published in 1981, to "encourage(d) the worshiper to engross the mind and heart in prayer,” according to Mr. Koren. All IDF soldiers receive a Koren Siddur upon entering the Israeli army, which is a ritual that prevails today. Koren continues to expand to Jews all over the world to transform the prayer experience. 

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