The Koren Yizkor - Hebrew / English - Ashkenaz

Made in IsraelHebrew with English Translation
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The stark experience of grief and remembrance often stirs a yearning in the heart for something to guide us, something to console us and something to connect us. These sentiments are poignantly captured in this volume of Halakhic teachings, procedures and philosophies, The Koren Yizkor.

  • Includes the full Yizkor (Memorial Service), prayers said at the cemetary and Mourner's Kaddish
  • Contains a collection of meditations written by Yeshiva University's Rabbi Norman Lamm
  • Elegant English translation and foreword by the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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Language: Hebrew / English

Nusach: Ashkenaz

Hardcover, 232 pages. Size: 13 cm X 19.5 cm / 5.1" X 7.7"

The Koren Yizkor: Memory and Meaning is the newest addition to the Koren collection. This double-sided edition, entirely dedicated to commemorating the departed, brings together all prayers said at the cemetery, El Maleh Raḥamim and selected psalms, and the complete Yizkor service recited at various times of the year. In signature Koren fashion, it also features an elegant English translation and foreword by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, as well as a Prayer for Living Relatives that he composed exclusively for this volume.

Opened as an English book, readers will find "Memory and Meaning," a collection of meditations written by Yeshiva University's Rabbi Norman Lamm. These written pieces shed light on what Jewish law, thought, and prayer – particularly as encapsulated in Yizkor – tells us about family relationships, memory, bereavement, and hope.

Designed in a convenient personal size, this volume also includes a pocket for family or congregational memorial lists. The Koren Yizkor: Memory and Meaning is published in cooperation with Yeshiva University. Author: Rabbi Norman Lamm

Koren Publishers, originally founded by Eliyahu Koren over 50 years ago, has transformed the way Jews pray worldwide. His effort to create a font that executes maximum clarity to the reader, makes ancient Hebrew accessible during a modern era. The first Koren Siddur was published in 1981, to "encourage(d) the worshiper to engross the mind and heart in prayer,” according to Mr. Koren. All IDF soldiers receive a Koren Siddur upon entering the Israeli army, which is a ritual that prevails today. Koren continues to expand to Jews all over the world to transform the prayer experience. 

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