Kobi Peretz. Live at the Nokia Arena (2 CD Set) (2010)

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Number of CD(s) in package: 2

The live album by Mizrahi superstar Kobi Peretz has helped cement his hold on the top of the A-list of Israel's Mediterranean music performers.  Even with all the top-selling albums that he's had, you haven't really "made it" in Israel until you've filled the largest indoor arena in the country.  Well, this was Kobi's first time, and 8000 thrilled fans agree: it was one for the ages!

CD 1:

1.   Ulai

2.   Kama Ahava

3.   Ani Ohev Otach

4.   Nirkod Halaila
5.   Ba'eish Uvamayim
6.   Tagidi Li
7.   Ad Hasof Beyahad

8.   Ha'ahat She Chayai
9.   Kahi Oti Lihiot Lach Ba'al
10. Medley: Balbeli Oto/Meshuga Alayich

11. Ahava Tenatzeach
12. Yahad (with Ishtaer)
CD 2:
1.   Af Echad
2.   Imma
3.   Ani Zakuk Lach
4.   Kol Hakoach
5.   Medley: Bishvilech/Habki Oti
6.   Medley: Ben Shel Melech/Yaldonet
7.   At Kmo Eish
8.   Ulai (Encore)
9.   Kmo Ahava (Acoustic)
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