Od Tir'i Et Haderech. The Best Songs By Shimrit Or. 2 CD Set Featuring "Hallelujah"

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 Od Tir'i Et Haderech. The Best Songs By Shimrit Or. 2 CD Set Featuring "Hallelujah"
 Od Tir'i Et Haderech. The Best Songs By Shimrit Or. 2 CD Set Featuring "Hallelujah"

Number of CD(s) in package: 2

One of Israel's most respected and beloved poet/songwriters for many decades now, Shimrit Or has won just about every sort of recognition Israel can bestow.  Her songs have been performed by many of the very best artists and performers in Israel.

Outside of Israel, she is best known for her outstanding song "Hallelujah" with which Gali Atari and the Halav Udvash Ensemble won the Eurovision competition in 1979, and which became a major international hit and has since been translated into numerous languages.

This outstanding collection includes 42 of Shimrit Or's best songs.  Most are the original and best known performances, and a select few have been recorded especially for this collection, some songs appearing here for the first time anywhere!

Among the performers are some of the best and most famous Israeli artists, including Shalom Hanoch, Matti Caspi, Boaz Sharabi, Yehudith Ravitz, Yardena Arazi, Riki Gal, Yehoram Gaon, and of course Gali Atari and the Halav Udvash Ensemble.

Included is a deluxe Hebrew language booklet featuring numerus photographs as well as the lyrics and history of every song.

CD 1:

1. Yahad

2.  El Haderech

3. Tzarot Tovot

4.  Etzli Hakol Beseder

5.  Ve'ulai Ota Shtika

6. K'mo She'at

7.  Yesh Lecha Shemesh

8.  Od Tir'i Et Haderech

9.  Zo Haita Ahava Nehederet

10. Tni Li Yad

11. Liora

12. Ma Haperach

13. Shemesh Aduma

14. Balaila Bati El Hagan

15. Kesheyavo Yaldi

16. Levad Ve'od Levad

17. Stav

18. Hasha'ot Hayafor Beyoter

19. Sefer Al Ahava

20. Bashvil El Hakfar

21. Ulai Od Kaitz

CD 2:

1.  Ani Hozer Habaita

2.  Nasich Hahalomot

3.  Shir Hayona

4.  Tziporim Barosh

5.  Laila Bahir

6.  Rak Hayareach

7.  Kol Hayai

8.  Ahava Lavenet Kesef

9.  Reidat Adama

10. Shiru Shir Amen

11. El Ha'or

12. Emet O Hova

13. Bo El Hahagiga

14. Ya'arot

15. Roli Rol

16. Isidore

17. Mis'hakim

18. Lama Atzuv Li

19. Ein Davar

20. Galgal Anak

21. Hallelujah

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