Adi Sidler Flower Seder Plate - Variety of Colors

Adi Sidler Flower Seder Plate - Variety of Colors


Brand: Adi Sidler

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Anodized Aluminum

Diameter: 25.5 cm / 10"

This unique, modern Seder Plate is a masterpiece of metalwork and object design. It contains solid glass cups for displaying the traditional Seder plate items: egg, bitter herb, parsley, shank bone, haroset and horseradish, set together to give the appearance of floral motif, while the Hebrew names of each are skillfully laser cut into the anodized aluminum holder. A stunning blend of ancient tradition and contemporary design.

Available in 5 color options.

Adi Sidler's handcrafted contemporary Judaica designs utilize innovative and industrial techniques to create clean minimalistic lines with an emphasis on every detail. The end result is a stunning, high quality work of art that fuses ancient tradition with modern elegance and style.