Danny Sanderson. Lo Yafrid Davar (Nothing Will Separate Us) (2009)


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 Danny Sanderson. Lo Yafrid Davar (Nothing Will Separate Us) (2009)
 Danny Sanderson. Lo Yafrid Davar (Nothing Will Separate Us) (2009)

Number of CD(s) in package: 1 

It's been more than four years since Danny Sanderson's last album, and it has been an emotionally tubulent time for him, including the passing of his wife.  Understandably therefore, this album has a somewhat different tone from his previous light-hearted work.  His ever-present humor has not disappeared, but has been tempered with more emotional resonance. 

His backing band has, over the past few years, coalesced into a real permanent unit, and takes a more prominent role here than in Danny's previous solo albums.  Five of the songs are actually sung by other members of his band. 

All thirteen songs here were written and arranged by Sanderson himself. 

1.   Ata Levad

2.   Lo Befocus



3.   Roulette



4.   Nilmad Lichyot



5.   Al Gadot Hanahal

6.   Amru Li



7.   Lo Ohev Et Na'alayich

8.   Kama?

9.   Im Behayim Lo Ne'ehav

10. Bechol Zot Gever

11. Lo Yafrid Davar

12. Mehashtil Hazeh

13. Zot Sheme'al Lemetzupeh

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