Ovadia Hamama. Shamayim Ve-Aretz (Heaven and Earth) (2006)

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 Ovadia Hamama. Shamayim Ve-Aretz (Heaven and Earth) (2006)
 Ovadia Hamama. Shamayim Ve-Aretz (Heaven and Earth) (2006)

"Shamayim VaAretz" is Ovadiah Hamamah's fifth album, and it contains the songs, "Ana Be-Coah", "Tfila La-Derech", "Eretz Ahuva", "Ha-Olam Yafe" and more.  His first four albums, "Barach" (1992), "Shnei Anashim" (2000), Effect Ha-Hamama" (2002) and "Ha-Tov Yenazeach Ba-Sof" (2004) won rave reviews and established him as one of the country's most valued, but strangely anonymous, artists.


This album is an original work that presents ancient songs in new garb, written by the fathers of the nation, and discussing the fate of the Jewish people from then until today.  The contents of this album break new ground, and push the envelope of the "Hebrew Rock" genre.


Among the guests on this project are Gad Albaz, Gil Akviov and  Itzik Eshel, all extremely talented singers whose voices bring out the deep drama of Hamamah's work.


All of that has made this unique album a connection between heaven and earth, between thought and emotion, between melody and words.


Number of CD(s) in package: 1

1. Sidurim Ahronim (part A)

2. Ana Be-Coah

3. Tfila Laderech

4. Tfila Legeshem

5. Halleluya

6. Ha-Olam Yafe

7. Ha-Mihtav

8. Eretz Ahuva

9. Maagal Ole Tmidit

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