Art in Clay Handmade Kabbalah Tree of Life Ceramic Plaque Wall Hanging

Hand Made in Israel
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Add to your home or office decor with this fantastic designer plaque wall hanging from Art in Clay:

  • Made from ceramic, this plaque features a beautiful Lion of Judah surrounding by various Kabbalah words (Sefirot -10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah).
  • Skillfully handcrafted from ceramic in the Land of Israel.
  • Comes with a lovely gift box, a display stand, a certificate of authenticity and an information booklet about the artist

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Ceramic, Glazing, 24K Gold Decorations

Size: 12 cm x 17 cm / 4.72" x 6.7"

Add a stunning touch of faith to your home or office decor with this gorgeous designer plaque wall hanging from Art in Clay. Masterfully handcrafted from ceramic, this plaque boasts a beautiful design of two Lions of Judah surrounding different words/ Sefirot in Kabbalah. The 10 words that appear on the plaque are: Keter (Crown), Chokhmah (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding), Chesed (Kindness/Loving-kindness), Gevurah (Severity/Strength), Tiferet (Beauty/Harmony), Netzach (Eternity/Victory), Hod (Splendor/Glory), Yesod (Foundation), Malkhut (Kingship). The Ten Sefirot serve as a bridge between the infinite, unknowable God and the finite, knowable world. They offer a map for understanding the divine process of creation and the continual interaction between the divine and the mundane, as well as a framework for personal spiritual development. 

Please Note: This plaque wall hanging comes with a luxurious gift box, an information booklet about the artist, a certificate of authenticity and an accompanying display stand.

Please note: As each piece is hand painted and unique, there may be variations in the colors.

Art In Clay is a family-run art studio in Jaffa-Tel Aviv, founded in 2008 by Israeli artists, Amir Rom and his wife Laurence, both graduates of the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Specializing in the production of handmade ceramics that bring together modern designs and ancient Jewish tradition, Art In Clay's work draws inspiration from the Land of Israel, the Bible and archaeological findings. Their work has earned them high regard and they were commissioned by the US Government to design special pieces in honor of the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem in May 2018.

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