Bier Judaica 925 Sterling Silver Handcrafted Designer Torah Crown

Custom Made in JerusalemComes With Certificate of Authenticity
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Give honor to the Torah with this exquisite designer Torah crown from Bier Judaica:

  • Made from sterling silver, this crown is adorned with Hebrew Biblical verses, symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel and a depiction of the 10 commandments.
  • Skillfully crafted in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
  • Will make a fantastic donation to your local synagogue or other Jewish institution.

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925 Sterling Silver

Height: 25 cm / 9.85"

Weight: 1.8 kg / 3.97"

Show honor and respect for the Torah with this remarkable handcrafted crown from Bier Judaica. Based on an exclusive design, this sterling silver crown boasts the symbols for the Twelve Tribes of Israel and is decorated on top with a three-dimensional representation of the Ten Commandments. The base of the crown is inscribed with the Hebrew verse (Deuteronomy 4:44) "Zot HaTorah Asher Sam Moshe" ("This is the Torah that Moshe placed [before the Children of Israel]") while the top is adorned in Hebrew with the verse (Psalms 24:9) "Se'u Shearim Rosheichem Vehinasu Pitchei Olam VeYavo Melech Hakavod" ("Lift up your heads, O gates, and lift up, you eternal openings, so that the King of Glory may enter"). From the Land of Israel, this stunning Torah crown will make a terrific addition to your local synagogue.

Please note: This item is custom made according to your specific order. Please allow up to 20 business days from the date of purchase before the item is shipped.   

Inspired by modern art and the colorful tapestry of life in Jerusalem, Bier Judaica brings you high-end, original silver Judaica pieces that are both beautiful and practical. The founder, Yitzhak Bier, studied at Jerusalem's prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art & Design and later founded his own workshop in the city. Yitzhak designed pieces of great importance and note, such as gifts distributed by Israeli Presidents and Prime Ministers to foreign dignitaries, lamps in Haifa's Great Synagogue and the doors of Jerusalem's Municipality building.  Today, Yitzhak's sons, Mordechai and Meir, follow in their father's footsteps to bring you excellence and craftsmanship.

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