Adi Watches, Israel's most beloved watch company, has been producing top quality watches since 1984 on Kibbutz Yavne in Central Southern Israel. Not only are they popular in Israel, but also worldwide!  Soldiers in the IDF often receive an Adi Watch at some point in their training, which include their unit's insignia.  Watches are a subtle identifier of who we are and can really make a difference in an outfit. Large gold rimed faces to bright red athletic watches and everything in between, Adi Watches make a great gift for a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, birthday, or anniversary. In Jewish tradition, once a couple gets engaged, the groom receives a watch from the bride's parents, making these Israeli watches a first choice for this special occasion. Adi makes men's watches and watches for women with a care and quality that can only come from an Israel company.

Hebrew Letters Watches

Adi Watches' most beloved and popular line features Hebrew letters instead of numbers on the watch. From Aleph to Yud-Bet, representing 1-12, Hebrew Letter Watches are great for a Hebrew scholar or Israel enthusiast, as it provides a subtle touch of Hebrew, Israel, and Judaism into their daily lives.  These incredible watches are made for men and women, in silver and gold, with metal or leather bands. The letters come in different fonts for different watches, but each are equally stunning and easy to read.

❤︎ We love this black and silver watch and this Classic Golden watch.

IDF Watches

IDF WatchesIDF Watches are Adi's most rugged line of watches.  Throughout their time in the army, many IDF soldiers receive an Adi Watch with their unit's emblem featured on the face but you don't need to be in the army to get your own. Adi Watches has created this special line for the public with watches featuring multiple unit logos- Paratroopers, Golani, Air Force, Mossad and more, with all your favorite units available. Many of these are fantastic diving watches with a stopwatch, timer, and alarm, perfect for those training in sports or just looking for a durable watch that can handle has much as they can.  These analog watches also make for great bar mitzvah presents for boys who love the IDF.

❤︎ We love this IDF watch and this Air Force watch.

Biblical Watches

Being an Israeli company, Adi Watches has taken advantage of ancient Jewish history and created beautiful Biblical watches featuring lines from the Tanach of either Shema Yisrael or lines from Shir HaShirim- Song of Songs.  The watch face frames the ancient quotes in an elegant way that really displays it as a piece of art. These watches are breathtaking and make a perfect gift for anyone as a constant reminder and display of their Jewish heritage.

❤︎ We love this gold Shema Yisrael watch and this spiral Song of Songs watch.

Israel Watches

Want to show your appreciation for Israel on a daily basis? Israel watches do just that for you! With the flag of Israel waving on your arm, you'll always think of the holy land when you check the time.  Adi's Israel watches also include limited edition designs from Yom Haatzmaut- Israeli Independence Day- emblazoned with the number 70 to celebrate the county's recent birthday.  Adi Watches is one of Israel's many internationally renowned companies that is worth bragging about by sporting one of their incredible watches on your wrist all day, every day.

❤︎ We love this Israel watch and menorah watch.

Watches for Women

Aside for Adi Watches' incredible themed assortment, they also make fantastic women's watches for everyday wear and special occasions. From simple designs to elegantly adorned with Cubic Zirconia, there are plenty of options to choose from that will fit her perfectly. Adi Watches also has a few watches with big faces and large numbers that will help little ones in learning how to tell time on their own. Watches make the perfect birthday, anniversary, or "just because" gift that she will appreciate for years to come.

❤︎ We love this decorative gold watch and this simple stainless steel watch. 

Men's Watches

It is nearly impossible to find a man without a watch, no matter what he does in life. If your man needs a new watch, consider getting him one of Adi's incredible men's watches. With bold designs and strong metal bands, he'll look like the professional he is.  There is also a large selection of sports watches for the athletes and outdoorsy men. Buying a gift for a husband, boyfriend or father is not always easy, but an Adi watch will always make the perfect gift for him.

❤︎ We love this diving watch and this stainless steel multifunction watch




There are even more amazing Adi Watches that we couldn't cover here. Go visit the store to see all the amazing fit options.