Agayof Agayof, a family owned business, has been creating Judaica and Israeli designs for over 40 years. With pleasing aesthetics and quality as their top priorities, Agayof is constantly thinking up new and contemporary pieces from start to finish- with what material and finish to use and even what color it should be. Agayof's artistic masterpieces have a futuristic look to them, with clean lines and matted finishes that create special pieces of Judaica that everyone will love.  Unlike anything you have seen before, Agayof's Judaica is original and incredible.


CandlesticksShabbat candlesticks are one of the most important parts of a Jewish home.  Agayof's sleek designs has allowed them to create candlesticks that look like they defy gravity.  In addition to their traditional tall candlesticks, they also created colorful compact candlesticks for those on the go over weekends and holidays. Colored with vibrant hues, any of Agayof's candlesticks are great for contemporary art-loving women.

❤︎ We love these large ball candlesticks and these Star of David travel candlesticks.


Hanukkah MenorahAlthough used once a year, menorahs are used for a week at a time so having one you love is necessary.  Aside from menorahs that look as if they are floating or in one of their most traditional styles of two cones on top of one another, many of Agayof's are DIY-like meaning that they fold up or come apart when not in use. This also means that you can design your menorah in whatever color pattern you like! A rainbow burst of colors, there is nothing not to love about the Agayof menorahs.

❤︎ We love this mini ball menorah and DIY wave menorah.


MezuzahsMezuzahs mark the outside of every Jewish home and sometimes as well as the entrance to every room. Choosing the right mezuzah for your home gives a little taste of who you are from even outside the building. Agayof's simplistic mezuzah designs are great for your front door or where ever you might need them since some have a hidden message as part of the case.  Done in their classic style, these mezuzahs combine brightly colored matted pieces with silver anodized aluminum to balance one another out and create the best mezuzah for you.

❤︎ We love this triangle mezuzah case and this Shema Yisrael case.

Kiddush Cups

Kiddush Cups Kiddush cups might all look the same but Agayof's stand out among the traditional styles.  Again using sleek designs and clean lines, not only does Agayof make Kiddush cups for adults, they also created cups for boys and girls who want to partake in Kiddush more actively and large families. The larger sets come with multiple little cups to pour the wine or grape juice into on your own or through a glorious wine fountain. Choose from the best which are also appropriate for those of Bar Mitzvah age and enjoy your futuristic looking Kiddush cup!

❤︎ We love this disc Kiddush cup and this wine fountain.

Etrog Box

Etrog BoxEtrog boxes are used over Sukkot to keep the Etrog, the very delicate fruit used with the Lulav, safe and sound. While there is currently only one etrog box from Agayof- it is an incredible one! The space-like etrog box is unique and will make it easy to tell which is yours among the rest of the boxes. Aside from looking great in use over Sukkot, these also look good being displayed in your home all year round when not in use.  Available in a variety of colors, you'll find the exact one you'll be excited to use for the next Sukkot holiday.

❤︎ We love this egg shaped box.