Anointing oils were used during Biblical times and in the Holy Temple to purify the sanctuary and make it holy, and were poured on the heads of Kohanim (Priests) and the Kohen Gadol (High Priest). While no longer used in a Temple context, anointing oils are still made today in the Land of Israel, featuring some of the same ingredients as in ancient times and often used for cosmetic and healing purposes.

Our store carries a wide selection of anointing oils, all made by Israeli companies using only the purest local ingredients. Their base is all-natural Israeli olive oil - made from olives harvested from the Judean hills and rich in vitamins A and K, with powerful antioxidants and soothing, moisturizing properties - which is then infused with the essences of flowers, herbs, and fragrances that date back to Biblical times and have their own special healing qualities.

Read on to learn about our most popular oils and their unique formulations and aromas. Use any one of them as a massage oil, perfume, aromatherapy fragrance, or moisturizer, and indulge yourself in the best natural ingredients the Land of Israel has to offer - all while connecting to an ancient Biblical tradition!

You can also learn more about the tradition of anointing oil and where it comes from in our recent blog post. And for a deeper dive into some of the different types of ingredients featured in anointing oils and their health benefits, check out our “Decoding Anointing Oil” buying guide.


1. Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oil

Frankincense and myrrh oil is the perfect combination of two of the most famous Biblical scents. This oil has been used by multiple Eastern cultures for its therapeutic and health benefits for hundreds of years, and is still well-known for its soothing, de-stressing properties. The combination of frankincense's warm and earthy scent and myrrh's smoky smell creates a unique aroma you’ll absolutely love! Frankincense also boasts anti-aging properties, making this anointing oil a perfect addition to your cosmetic routine.







2. Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil

This warmly-fragranced anointing oil has been flavored with frankincense, myrrh, and cinnamon - a unique combination that’ll awake your senses while pampering your skin. The sweet and spicy aroma is invigorating and relaxing, while the antioxidant and moisturizing properties of the natural ingredients make for a wonderfully indulgent massage oil.








3. Lion of Judah Anointing Oil Roll-On

This roll-on anointing oil is made from pure olive oil that is blended with 90 different aromatic plants native to the mountains of Jerusalem, giving it a one-of-a-kind scent that’ll instantly connect you to the Land of Israel. It’s named for the Lion of Judah, the Biblical symbol for the Tribe of Judah and today the official emblem of Jerusalem - a fitting name representing the wonderful ingredients straight from the Judean hills!








4. Lily of the Valley Anointing Oil

Our Lily of the Valley oil is made in southern Israel by Ein Gedi Cosmetics and combines the delicate scent of lily of the valley flowers with pure olive oil from the mountains around Jerusalem. It makes for an indulgent, antioxidant-rich cosmetic oil that helps fight visible signs of aging while simultaneously giving your skin a deep conditioning.








5. Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil Salve

If you want the pampering quality of anointing oil without the messiness of a liquid, look no further than this convenient and compact anointing oil salve! This rich ointment will soothe and moisturize your skin as well as invigorate your senses with its wonderful, sweet-and-spicy aroma of frankincense, myrrh, and cinnamon.









6. Frankincense, Myrrh and Spikenard Anointing Oil

This special oil from the Holy Land combines the timeless fragrance of frankincense, famed for its medicinal and healing uses, with myrrh and spikenard, some of the oldest spices in history. Myrrh is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, while spikenard has a relaxing and calming effect and can aid with stress and anxiety. These three amazing essential oils are mixed with pure olive oil for a truly indulgent moisturizer with a scent that’ll instantly remind you of the Land of Israel and the Bible.







7. The New Jerusalem Holy Anointing Oil

This unique blend of oils from Israeli artisan company The New Jerusalem combines pure olive oil with myrrh, cinnamon, cassia, and calamus extracts. Each of these essential oils has a multitude of healing, medicinal properties; together, they offer a sweetly scented, potent combination that will heal your body and focus your mind. Connect with Biblical tradition while indulging in the best fragrances from the Land of Israel!







8. Silver Torah Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil Bottle

Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life will love this intricately crafted silver bottle of anointing oil from renowned Israeli cosmetics company Ein Gedi. The bottle is shaped to resemble a Torah scroll, and comes with a luxurious, lined gift box. The oil inside is Ein Gedi’s popular “Light of Jerusalem” blend that combines olive oil with frankincense, myrrh, and cinnamon. This exquisite anointing oil will not only nourish your skin but makes for a stunning display piece - or a meaningful gift for a loved one!







9. Scents of the Bible Anointing Oil Set: Myrrh, Frankincense, Spikenard

Fill your home with the aromatic scents of the Bible with this delightful set of anointing oils. Consisting of three 8ml bottles, the set contains myrrh, frankincense, and spikenard. Each of these three oils was used as anointing oil in Biblical times and in the Holy Temples in Jerusalem. Use them individually or together, and indulge in the wonderful aromas and soothing properties of some of Israel’s oldest natural ingredients.








10. Variety Pack of Five Anointing Oils: Frankincense & Myrrh, Elijah, Spikenard, Lily of the Valley, Queen Esther

Add the rich aromatic scents of the Land of Israel to your home or your beauty routine with this amazing collection of anointing oils from Ein Gedi Cosmetics! Inspired by the Bible, each bottle is made in the Land of Israel from locally sourced olive oil and infused with the scents of Biblical flowers and herbs, and is certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Included are:

 The popular Frankincense & Myrrh oil, featuring the rich aroma and healing properties of two of the oldest and most famous Biblical spices

 Elijah anointing oil, inspired by and named for the prophet Elijah whose return will herald the coming of the Messiah, and infused with exquisite floral and herbal essences

 A classic Spikenard oil, full of antioxidants, nourishing properties, and a relaxing, earthy scent that was one of the incense spices used in the Holy Temple

 Lily of the Valley anointing oil, featuring the sweet scent of lily of the valley flowers and a pampering quality that will soothe and condition your skin

 Queen Esther oil, made from botanicals and aromatic plants believed to have been used by the Biblical Queen Esther herself, with a luxurious aroma that combines myrrh, frankincense, and sweet smelling flowers